What can you use to clean a belly button piercing

What to Do with an Infected Belly Button Piercing

what can you use to clean a belly button piercing

How to : clean an infected belly button piercing.

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Making sure you know how to clean your new belly button piercing is a big deal. You have to commit to spending the time to actually do it. Cleaning your belly button piercing regularly has to become one of your top priorities for the first few weeks after you get your piercing. If you ask people who have just had their belly buttons pierced what their biggest fear is, most of them will say developing infections. The first thing you want to do is wash your hands well before you begin touching your belly button piercing.

Whitney is an expert on piercings and tattoos, with experience in the body modification world. Navel piercings belly-button piercings , are a common body piercing among women and some men. They heal relatively quickly with few complications, like ear piercings. But at times they heal more like a surface piercing, with rejection and migration risks. For the most part, if you follow proper aftercare and healing procedures, you can successfully heal the piercing, unless your body just refuses, which is always a possibility. Healing a belly-button piercing can be complicated by clothing and friction.

Keeping your navel piercing clean is essential if you want it to heal quickly and avoid infection.
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Show less Don't worry! Here are some short steps to follow on how to keep it clean and avoid infection. Your skin just experienced a trauma, so it's very common to feel tenderness or pain near the piercing site for the first few days. Cool packs and over the counter medication will help mitigate this symptom.

After getting your navel pierced, you need to make sure you keep the ring, as well as the area surrounding the piercing, clean and sanitized. Cleaning the jewelry and the piercing daily will help keep the hole from getting infected as it heals. Though the pain and irritation may fade as the piercing ages, it's important to clean it daily until it's fully healed. According to Dr. Dean Edell, author of the book "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthiness," a belly button piercing takes anywhere from three to six months to heal.

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How To Clean A Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular forms of body art. Unsanitary conditions and poor aftercare are the leading causes of bacterial infections after piercings.

How do you treat an infected belly button piercing?



How to Clean a Belly Button Ring



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    Keeping your navel piercing clean is essential if you want it to heal quickly and However, you can use a store-bought saline solution instead of the sea salt.

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