Can dogs eat bacon grease

Can Dogs Have Bacon or Bacon Grease?

can dogs eat bacon grease

Maybe not. If your dog has simply licked a little bacon grease off the floor, he'll be okay. However, bacon grease is too rich, fatty, and salty to feed your dog, and.

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It would seem dogs don't mind eating anything they can get their lips around, including those things that are not good for them. With this in mind, I ask one very important question: Are you killing your pet with everyday people food? Historically, how and what we feed our dogs has evolved drastically. In the past, we were certain that our canines required a lot of meat to live a long, healthy life. Because of this, they have been fed a high-protein diet that has resulted in poor coat condition, malnutrition, imbalance in metabolism, hair loss, and weakness. Today, we know that dogs are actually omnivores, requiring meat as well as vegetables and other non-meat foods for successful long healthy lives. Although our other favorite furry creature, the house cat, is a true carnivore.

E ggs and bacon are OK for your dog to eat as an occasional treat. Eggs are a healthy choice for your pup; bacon isn't quite as healthy but it's safe in small amounts. Keep in mind that feeding any new food, especially in large amounts, can give your pup indigestion.
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If your dog ate butter, greasy bacon drippings or some other source of fatty food, vomiting is a not so uncommon sequela. However, one concern in a dog who is vomiting after a fatty meal is pancreatitis, a condition that warrants immediately veterinary attention. The pancreas is both an exocrine gland a gland that secretes substances outside the body through s duct and an endocrine gland a gland that dumps hormones directly into the bloodstream. In a healthy dog, the pancreas normally secretes its pancreatic juices and off they go to the small intestine so to help the dog break down proteins, complex carbohydrates and lipids fats. In a dog with an inflamed pancreas, the secretion of such juices decreases.

While enjoying the heavenly delight and pleasure that comes with eating bacon for breakfast, you might have wondered whether you can share some with your pooch. But, while eggs are a perfectly safe food for dogs to eat , exactly how safe is it if you want to feed your dog some bacon? The following are some of the main reasons why bacon is bad for your furry buddy and why you should keep them away from it:. And pancreatitis is not a small issue, it requires surgical intervention, could be fatal to your canine, and even if they survive it, they will forever be affected by it for the remainder of their life. With everything mentioned above, there is still hope if you really want to go out of your way and feed your pooch bacon for any reason.

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All You Should Know About Dogs And Bacon



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