Can you be in the navy and go to college


can you be in the navy and go to college

The Navy offers several scholarship programs to help pay for school so you can enjoy a normal college life and focus on your studies before starting a career in.

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The Navy has several Voluntary Education programs to help Sailors reach their education and career goals. The Naval Education and Training Command plays a big part in ensuring all Navy personnel achieve their education and career goals by managing several education and training programs. The following is a summary of these five education support and other programs available to Navy personnel:. For details see our Navy Advanced Education Voucher page. The Graduate Education Voucher program GEV was established in order to provide increased opportunity and incentive for selected Unrestricted Line URL officers who wish to obtain a graduate degree during off-duty hours.

The Military offers many educational benefits that service members can take advantage of during or after service. From financial aid and college funds to loan repayment programs, there have never been more ways for service members to afford and further their education. Find out from service members how joining the Military can help you pay for school and the different ways you can earn a degree. I am an intelligence specialist, second class. And, on my personal time, I am a full-time student at Broward College, studying criminal justice. I didn't know about that Reserve option.

Filter Posts by Flair Click to switch to regular. College while in Navy General Questions self. I'm very instrested in going to college while in the Navy. Is this possible? If so, how can you been in the Navy and go to college at the same time?

With more than , active duty members in , the U. Navy is the second largest branch of the U. You don't have to attend the Naval Academy or participate in a Navy Reserve Officer's Training Corps program during college to become an officer. Joining the Navy after college is a career option that lets you serve in the armed forces as an officer and leader. As a civilian college graduate, you must attend Officer Candidate School before you can become a commissioned officer. This week program prepares you for Navy leadership positions.

Paying for College

There are many things to consider when joining the Navy. -




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