You can t buy love but you can buy handmade

7 tips to help you get your products into shops

you can t buy love but you can buy handmade

Handmade blackboard style embroidered towel. Great gift for the crafter in your life. These towels make an excellent gift that is as practical as it is beautiful.

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We live in a world where many things are mass produced. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. The past few decades have seen a consistent decline in traditional American manufacturing. On the other, it has paved the way for a new type of American manufacturing … one that embraces human potential and gives individuals a voice they might not otherwise have. To buy a handmade product is to affirm and give continues life to that human voice.

Her hunch was that her city was ready for a handmade store — and she had the vision to pull together her work, and that of some maker buddies, to create that space. A little more than seven years later, Collected Thread is an institution. It is one of those stores that you walk into, and within five minutes, there are about seventy things you want to buy. Hi there! I make ceramic art such as planters and pendants. Currently I sell on Etsy and at markets, but would love to expand into more brick and mortars and am eager to learn more about how to do so successfully.

It is no secret that I love handmade things. I make and sell handmade children's clothes, I buy handmade gifts for friends and family and I could wander round craft markets and artisan fairs looking at handcrafted goods for hours. It brings me great joy when I stumble upon a craft fair when we are on a day out I think it pleases my husband less but perhaps that is for a different blog post…! Handmade items are incomparable to mass produced goods. But what is about handmade goods that mean people are prepared to pay more and perhaps wait longer for them.

It is 7pm on a Sunday evening, and whilst casually browsing for a unique gift for that special person, you see the perfect necklace. She loves flowers, and loves Devon, how perfect you think to yourself as you proceed to hit that little button.. At that point you carry on with your evening, totally oblivious to what happens next with your order. The truth is, when you buy handmade, you are buying a piece of somebody else. From that light bulb moment when I decided I wanted to make special jewellery inspired by Devon. I played around with different concepts, and tweaked, and cried, and tweaked some more.

You Made It Yourself: Now What? 29 Places to Sell Your Handmade Creations

The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love

Why Handmade Matters

Earlier this summer, I mentioned some cool niche sites serving the artisan community in my 19 new additions to a large ecommerce list. Amazon and eBay are certainly well known marketplaces among those looking to sell just about anything, but niche marketplaces and communities are growing quickly. These 29 Marketplaces offer a way to buy and sell handmade goods. Etsy is probably one of the best-known marketplaces for artisans and craftpeople of all types. You will find curated lists by category or topic as well as a directory of local shops in your area.


How to sell handmade products

Why I Buy Handmade (and think you should too!)



Handmade jewellery | Where ever you go there you are. Going day by day so let's see where it takes me!
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