What can i use to get rid of a toothache

Toothache Home Remedies: 5 Dentist-Approved Remedies to Get Rid of Pain Fast!

what can i use to get rid of a toothache

How can I prevent tooth pain?


While you may not be able to get rid of it completely, there are some home treatments you can try to help with the pain. Treating a toothache at home usually involves pain management. Therapeutic methods have been used by natural healers to treat oral diseases including toothaches at night. According to a study , some natural remedies that have been used include:. Talk to your doctor and dentist before using natural remedies.

There are a few techniques you can use at home to reduce the intensity of oral pain. That said, some are better than others. Here are the top 5 proven toothache home remedies. While some at-home toothache treatments come with drawbacks, the following remedies have been shown to be more effective:. Saltwater can help loosen debris, clean out infections and provide temporary pain relief. Each can reduce pain, while cold packs can also reduce swelling. There is some evidence that acupressure can provide temporary relief from tooth pain by triggering the release of endorphins.

The obvious solution to any type of dental pain is to see a dentist as soon as possible. The following tips can help you minimize or stop a toothache while you wait for your dental appointment. While your number one goal might be centered on eliminating tooth pain as quickly as possible, you need to consider the potential cause first. Oral pain can be caused by a variety of serious issues, including tooth decay, a damaged filling, a tooth fracture, infected gums or an abscessed tooth. If the latter has occurred, you could suffer serious complications without rapid treatment.

How to treat a toothache at home

How does one tooth cause so much pain? And what are the best ways to stop a toothache and get out of pain until your next appointment? This article will answer both of those questions.

How to Stop a Toothache and Get Out of Pain Fast

From there, you can determine how to best relieve any pain, swelling, or other symptoms. If your symptoms persist for more than a day or two, see your dentist. They can provide guidance on how to relieve your symptoms and prevent future pain. For many people, a salt water rinse is an effective first-line treatment. Salt water is a natural disinfectant, and it can help loosen food particles and debris that may be stuck in between your teeth.

To cure a toothache, hold a cold compress or ice pack against your cheek where your tooth hurts until the pain subsides. You can also gargle with salt water several times a day, which may help your toothache heal faster and relieve some of the pain. If your toothache persists, take an over-the-counter painkiller like Ibuprofen. For even more relief, buy a tooth-numbing gel and apply it directly to the tooth that hurts. Take a painkiller. Tylenol is also a good over-the-counter medication. It's also more difficult to treat the toothache when you're in pain, so getting some relief from an over-the-counter pain medicine can help.

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How to Get Rid of a Toothache at Night







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