Pug who can t run

R.i.p loca the pug.

pug who can t run

Loca the pug goes to the vet

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Loca is a very lucky pug living in Ireland. It is soooooo sweet! The Irish pug song Source: zavoae. The "pug who couldn't run" is dead, the beloved pup's Facebook page Loca the pug is dead and I can't handle it zavoae. Loca the Pug can't feckin' run! I enjoyed the lyrics and the signing. Loca the adorable pug that cant run has notched up more than six million views.

Meet Loca, a special pug who has difficulty running due to a mild brain disorder. Meet Loca, 'the pug that couldn't run'. Three years ago, the dog became an internet hit when her owner Mal made a video of Loca 'singing' about her problem. Initially intended just for family and friends, it's gone on to be viewed over 11 million times. Pet Island follows Ireland's most pampered pets and their devoted owners. She's even got a Facebook and Twitter account.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: The internet is a strange beast and it will probably be our undoing. These days, there are dogs on social media with millions of followers… who make more money in two weeks than some of us do in two years. At least we get to look at cute dogs, right? The fact that they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue per year is something we all need to just internalize. And the parents of these pooches are getting creative. The family of one Irish pug named Loca decided to cash in on the latter quality by creating the funniest and most relatable theme song ever for the uncoordinated pup.

Facebook Loca the Pug. Loca the Pug, the adorable Irish pooch who was the subject of a much loved, viral YouTube video, has died, according to a post on the Facebook page for the dog. Sadly, the Facebook page for the dog revealed Loca was dead in a lengthy announcement posted on Friday, October 20,
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It gives me so much joy. This is Ragge, Aka Rag the Dog. I decided he needed to go out in the world and meet some famous people and dogs. First off; Mishka - the talking husky. Rag is not a fan. Love that pug!

Sample lyric? Over two years later, the video is going viral again after it was shared over on Reddit. Take a gander at it yourself and just try not to get it stuck in your head. According to her owners , she suffers from a mild brain disorder. Over on Facebook, the pug has amassed nearly 46, likes!

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Many are wondering whether Loca the Pug, the subject of a viral video, has died. The "pug who couldn't run" is dead, the beloved pup's.
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