How can you tell if ticketmaster tickets are real

How to Identify Authentic Ticketmaster Tickets

how can you tell if ticketmaster tickets are real

How To Spot Counterfeit Tickets To Concerts And Sporting Events

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There are dozens of online vendors that purchase Ticketmaster concert, stage show and sports event tickets in bulk and resell them on the internet, usually for a lot less than their original price and also usually with much better seats. Most of these online scalpers are legitimate, but sometimes, you could get stuck with fake tickets.
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The ticket industry is changing, and more and more people are turning to the secondary market when shopping for live events. In fact, they lose money! Keep reading to get the on what makes a ticket invalid, how you can avoid it from happening, and what to do if it does. Without getting into too much detail, here are the two most likely reasons why that would happen. The most common reason for a ticket being invalid is that the broker inadvertently sold it twice. Two separate customers could then purchase the same ticket around the same time. Since each ticket barcode can only be used once to enter an event, one of those tickets will not work at the gate.

How do I check if my tickets are valid or authentic?

We are fans too and we know how important the incomparable live experience is. We strive to make sure your ticket buying experience is a good one so you can get into the show and have a great time.

We can't verify tickets bought from a 3rd party. The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly.
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