Can i use my walmart credit card at an atm

Walmart MoneyCard Vs. Walmart Credit Card

can i use my walmart credit card at an atm

You can get a Walmart credit card cash advance from an ATM or bank if you have the Walmart Mastercard. You can't use the Walmart Store.

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The Walmart MoneyCard and Walmart credit card have more differences than similarities. Walmart MoneyCards are essentially prepaid debit cards. Walmart credit cards offer credit on a revolving monthly basis. If you don't need cash advances and can pay your balance in full each month, the Walmart credit card is a better option, with lower fees than the MoneyCard. Occasionally, Walmart offers promotions on new MoneyCards. The fee is waived if you are cashing a check, but check-cashing fees may apply. In addition, you can waive the monthly fee by meeting monthly deposit targets.

Cash back at Walmart is available at regular registers and self-checkout stations. If you try this, you might have to switch registers because each one has limited cash. When we double-checked with customer service, they were unable to provide a definite answer as to whether Walmart charges for cash back, and recommended checking with your local store. Most Walmart stores are open 24 hours. Debit cards are the most common and reliable payment type for getting cash back. This is typically a limit on the amount of money you can spend on the card each day and is meant to protect against fraud and card theft. At most banks, you can opt-in to an overdraft program that allows you to use more funds than you have in your account up to a set limit.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. As of October , the Walmart MasterCard has no annual fee. This card has an annual percentage rate APR of These APRs are subject to change. When using the card at any Walmart gas station, you can receive a 5-cent discount per gallon. Credit Card.

One of the interesting features of Walmart cards is that you are allowed to take a cash advance at their check out counter. What is less clear immediately is what interest rate are you charged for taking this cash advance it certainly is not free! If we look at their terms and conditions page, the column says not applicable when it comes to this card? That essentially means that this card will be charging you the regular interest rate rather than a separate often higher rate rate for advances. This is actually good for folks who use this feature often. Better to get money from your bank account.

So many cards price gouge consumers and charge annoying transaction fees. The Walmart MoneyCard is one of the cheapest prepaid cards on the market and offers cash back rewards on certain purchases. The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that you can use to make electronic purchases everywhere MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted. Your card will come with many of the same features as a checking account. Use your card for direct deposit and get paid up to two days early. Use mobile check deposit to cash checks and load them to your balance.

Walmart MoneyCard Review

How well does the Walmart credit card actually stand up to the mountain of competition that's out there? - Walmart MoneyCard is a prepaid debit card available for purchase at Walmart stores. This card is available as both a Mastercard and VISA, and it can be used anywhere those cards are accepted.



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