Can we carry chocolates in hand luggage in british airways

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can we carry chocolates in hand luggage in british airways

british airways BA bag carry on size 2017

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British Airways recently announced a new Basic fare option for economy class travellers. The new low fares mean passengers can save money if travelling without the frills as the ticket price doesn't include checked luggage or seat reservations. Passengers who are flying with the airline are advised to check before they fly to see what they are allowed to take onboard the British airline to avoid being caught out with additional costs at the airport. But how much hand luggage and checked luggage are passengers allowed to take with British Airways? British Airways passengers are allowed to take a personal bag into the cabin with them for free.

Am I right to assume I am permitted to bring food for myself on the plane on my carry on? Pancakes with jam, fruit, pasta, chickenbreast, sandwiches etc? When flying charter we are never allowed to bring our own food as they want you to purchase food on the plane but I've read it's different with British Airways. Then again I'm very anxious flying from Heathrow as they are super picky about anything you might have in your carry on luggage. British Airways will feed you as part of the price of the plane ticket.

Please refresh the page and retry. The main piece of cabin luggage must be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including handles, wheels and pockets. On busy flights, cabin baggage may have to go into the hold at the last minute, particularly if all passengers are carrying maximum dimension suitcases. If your bag exceeds the cabin baggage restrictions, there may be a charge for it to go in the hold. Passengers booking a checked bag on the way out do not receive a discount for not bringing a hold bag on the return leg, and vice-versa. Any items purchased at the airport, such as duty-free goods, must fit into the allowed cabin baggage.

British Airways baggage allowance: THIS much luggage can be taken on a flight for free

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