How soon can i drive on my new concrete driveway

When can I drive on my new concrete driveway?

how soon can i drive on my new concrete driveway

When can you remove the forms after pouring concrete slab?

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Concrete is a wonderful material. When it has completely cured it is strong and hard and resistant to impact and weight. Between those two states there is a curing time that is needed for the concrete to develop its full strength and hardness. At Richfield Concrete, we understand that you are eager to start using your new Minnesota driveway, patio, sidewalk, or other concrete project. At Richfield Concrete, we want your new concrete driveway or other project to look great from the very beginning and for many years to come. Once we leave your home after installation, we want you to know how to care for your driveway, starting from the very beginning.

We have lots more on this site to show you. You've only seen one page. Checkout this post which is one of the most popular of all time. Is it really OK to drive on the concrete after only 2 days? My neighbor just had a new driveway installed this week and he came over to my place to ask me this question. I know I should have said to him that the concrete guys that installed it should have told him but no one did so this is my take on the time a concrete drive needs to cure before you should drive on it. So how long should you wait before driving on a brand new concrete driveway?

How Long It Takes to Cure Concrete?

How long before I can drive on a new concrete driveway?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. For reasons entirely unrelated to quality of their work I've lost faith in the company that just poured a concrete slab at the only entrance to my property. I am unaware of the details of the mix but the description on the quote was "dig down mm compact hard fill then box up with mm boxing lay steel mesh and pour 20mpa 20mm concrete with a broom finish". I was assured that this would be adequate, even with trucks going on the concrete this would be a fairly regular occurance. Before getting the job done, I discussed timings with the contractor and was advised it would be OK to drive my cars over it 2 days after he finished pouring.

In its simplest form, concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregates. The paste portland cement and water coats the surface of the aggregates. So, there is no such thing as a cement sidewalk; the proper term is concrete sidewalk. When is the best time to pour concrete? Can you replace concrete in the winter? Temperature extremes make it difficult to properly pour and cure concrete. On hot days, too much water is lost by evaporation.

This is the most common question we get asked. And the real answer is this; concrete is fully cured and has reached its full compressive strength at 28 days, period. However most situations do not allow for that kind of cure time. So after years of experience and many jobs offering a variety of different conditions, we have developed the following as a guideline for our customers to be able to use their concrete without adversely affecting the finish. Walking: We request you not walk on your concrete for at least 24 hours after the concrete has been finished. So avoid dragging your feet and keep pets off for this duration as their nails may scratch or gouge the new concrete. After 3 days normal foot traffic may resume but avoid dragging heavy items such as trash cans for 7 days.

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For Concrete: You may drive and park your personal vehicle on your new concrete surface after 7 days. It will take additional time before you can drive or park heavy equipment or machinery on your newly poured concrete, so make sure to wait at least 30 days. Please keep vehicles, children, pets, and yourself off of your newly poured concrete for the next 24 hours. Concrete may appear discolored in certain areas as it takes up to 60 days for the concrete to be fully cured. This may cause the concrete to look spotty in areas because there are different amounts of moisture evaporating from each section of your concrete. Please do not be alarmed as this is a normal occurrence and will fade in time.

For the First Two Days Although your new concrete will become solid fairly quickly, it has.
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