Where can i buy white lily flour near me

White Lily Flour: The Southern Biscuit Cook's Pantry Staple

where can i buy white lily flour near me

Simply enter the info below, and we'll find the stores closest to you that carry the White Lily® product you're looking for. You might want to contact your local.


White Lily is the only kind of flour Gloria Carruthers sells at the Old Country Smokehouse, a one-room shop on Cleveland's East Side that also offers country hams, sweet potato pie and other Southern favorites. Lately, some customers have been buying five and six bags at a time, hoarding it out of fears that the specialty flour is changing. The recent closing of the original White Lily mill in Knoxville, Tenn. Outraged bakers have been blaming the J. Smucker Co. Convinced that an Ohio company couldn't possibly appreciate a flour that touts itself as "a Southern tradition since ," they have trash-talked Smucker and threatened to boycott its products on their blogs. Varieties : Bleached all-purpose, bleached self-rising, unbleached self-rising and enriched unbleached flour.

One of the unshakable tenets of Southern cooking is that Southern-style baking requires soft winter wheat flour, the kind with less protein. Lane cakes, cobblers, tea cakes and especially biscuits were made with White Lily flour. Well, you can't get White Lily flour in California. It's only sold in the South. The northern White Lily demarcation line is somewhere in Indiana, and goes west about as far as Arkansas or maybe Oklahoma. Some turned out crumbly or, worse, tough. Some were almost right but the layers would be a little bit gluten-y, and none were never soft enough inside.

Something that you don't realize when you grow up outside the South: there are a lot of people in this country who take their biscuits very seriously. I got to meet some of those people in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the third annual International Biscuit Festival this month, and every one of them said the same thing when we talked about biscuit secrets : White Lily flour. White Lily flour , originally founded in Knoxville, although it is now produced in Ohio Smucker's bought the company in It's a soft wheat flour, which means that only soft winter wheat, which has an especially low protein and gluten content is used. This is what makes White Lily so light and silky, which makes for lighter, fluffier biscuits. White Lily makes all-purpose flour, a heavier bread flour, a line of cornmeals and even frozen biscuits, but the thing all the biscuit-makers go bananas for is their self-rising flour. The self-rising flour includes exactly the right proportions of flour, baking powder and salt to make perfect biscuits.

We can likely attribute some of it to tradition: Southerners have been making biscuits for generations and have had ample time to hone our craft. However, any chef with good technique can produce a decent biscuit. If butter or shortening and buttermilk are the controls in our experiment, the real variable lies in the flour. Essentially, it all comes down to protein, or lack thereof. White Lily flour is derived from soft winter wheat, which is low in protein and gluten. When a liquid is introduced to flour, the proteins in the flour—glutenin and gliadin—swell and develop an elasticity that becomes enhanced when worked by hand or machine. Gluten development provides flour-based foods with structure and a toothsome quality, beneficial for foods like French baguettes or homemade pasta that need to hold together.

Full on biscuit-obsessed. Thus I share that wisdom with you, such that you might jump ahead a few steps. This article has been reproduced in a new format and may be missing content or contain faulty links. Contact wiredlabs wired. What other kinds of flour are there? I only have one! White Lily is well-known among biscuit makers and can be difficult to find outside of the South, with the exception of the occasional specialty store.

Does White Lily flour really make a better biscuit, as so many southern bakers claim? How do biscuits made with White Lily measure up to those made with other flours? Well, I was pretty intrigued too so I set out this weekend to find some answers. I would make the recipe on the back of the store-brand bag three times:. Each bag of flour was purchased within the past week. Since there can be a lot of variation when it comes to measuring especially since White Lily is a lighter flour than the others , I decided to weigh the flour to ensure I used exactly the same amount in each batch.

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