Where can you golf the worlds highest elevation championship course

World's largest golf resorts

where can you golf the worlds highest elevation championship course

Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots

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The WGC-Mexico Championship is played in Mexico City at Club de Golf Chapultepec, where the clubhouse is situated some 7, feet above sea level, with aspects of the course largely playing an altitude of 7, feet. While that golf course is at a really high elevation, it is nowhere near holding the title of the golf course at the highest elevation in the world. The golf course sitting at the highest elevation in the world is La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia , which is at 10, feet, according to World Golf. The course in 6, yards long and is part of a military base. The course is situated at a resort with some of the tallest ski slopes in the world.

It appears your browser may be outdated. For the best website experience, we recommend updating your browser. The field will play at a TOUR-record 7, feet above sea level this week. Expect some long drives. But nothing to this extent.

Just to make it that tad more difficult to make a definitive decision, many of the candidates are very close to one another in height and, of course, consist of terrain that varies a little bit in altitude. So, do you choose the average height of the course, the highest point on the course or some other measure? Well we have several strong candidates below, but whichever you think tops the list, there are some advantages of playing golf at high altitude that we can all agree on. There are a few downsides though, the top one being the danger of altitude sickness. The hole, par Copper Creek golf course boasts the highest tee point in America at 9, feet 3,m. Officially open for just four months of the year from the start of June to the end of September, the course was designed by Pete and Perry Dye and features natural mountain terrain.

Highest golf course

What is the highest golf course in the world?

The funny thing is that three of the top four are all dug into foreign soil. Forget the old saying about Texas; it seems everything's bigger in China. Mission Hills Shenzhen, home to 12 golf courses, overtook Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina in as the world's largest golf resort. Its developers then built a sister property on Hainan Island with 10 more courses. From there, however, most mega-resorts are American made. There are inherent advantages to staying at such massive facilities with four or more courses -- more variety in choosing restaurants, course architecture and entertainment away from golf -- but it also adds a big problem: Which courses should you play if you can't hit them all? I dug through the marketing hype to rank the courses from best to least at 29 of these 31 mega-resorts.

If you're an avid follower of our Instagram account , you'll have noticed that, along with some cool photos and info about our free Hole19 golf app , we've been providing our followers with all manner of golfing trivia and fun facts. One particular post centred around the 'highest golf course in the world' and, naturally, we've been digging around to bring you the locations where you can play the game of golf at the highest altitudes on Earth. Here's some of the courses we've found where you can play golf, quite literally, in the clouds At 13, feet above sea level, the course in 6, yards long and forms part of a military base situated high in the Indian Himalayas. As you'd expect for a golf course at such an altitude, its availability for a knock is very much weather dependent. Rather than the military base facility in India, the highest golf course in the world according to World Golf is, in fact, La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia.


This sense of power can make amateurs, who are normally struggling for distance, feel like tour pros when the thinner air allows the ball to travel a lot further. But where will the best course be to take advantage of this? However, the highest golf course in the world is located in the Himalayas. To be more precise it is in the very North of India close to the Chinese and Bhutan borders. At 13,ft m it is the highest 18 hole golf course in the world, officially measured on October 10 by the Guinness World Records. It measures over 6, yards long 5,m when played at its full length. The par 69 course stands at 9,ft 3,m at its highest point.

Looking to add a little distance to your drive this summer? Tee it up at these five Colorado courses, each above 9, feet, and watch in amazement as your golf ball cuts through the thin alpine air.
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Located in Mallasa in the wealthy Zona Sur Southern District some 20 minutes from the center, this lush and tranquil course feels a world away from the chaos of downtown La Paz. Perched underneath the watchful gaze of the snow-capped Mount Illimani, the immaculate grounds are chock-full of shimmering lagoons, tall shady trees, and unworldly natural rock formations. The fairways and greens of this hole, par course are impeccably maintained, an oasis of vegetation in an otherwise barren region. Somewhat taxing for the beginner, there are numerous challenging hazards to contend with, making it extremely important to place the ball well off the tee. Similar to the nearby Valle de la Luna , this is one hazard you do not want to land in. Remarkably, the thin high-altitude air provides less resistance, which means players can drive noticeably further and straighter.



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