You can t fight fate

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you can t fight fate

Can't Fight Fate Podcast - #15 - Married at First Sight's Telv Williams #MAFS

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Ah, the pity of it. Do not think I am unmoved, my sons. I have lived these lives again and again, I have endured these futile quests and escalating sacrifices; the turmoil that drowns out all love and hope and meaning Church : "I learned a very valuable lesson in my travels, Tucker. No matter how bad things might seem-" Caboose : "They could be worse. EB: but what does that mean!

Fate is considered the development of events beyond someone's control. But what if we could control fate? What if we could control our own destiny? Could it be that our life would change forever. Some say that fate is inevitable. That fate is simply fate.

A new episode about every 11 days averaging 54 mins duration.
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A character gains knowledge of an event that is about to happen whether by prophecy or time travel and they attempt to change it, but it comes true anyway. Often it happens because of those attempts. It's as old as Oedipus Rex , used by Shakespeare and Tolkien, and still fresh at least as recently as the mids sitcom! Note that this is the exact inverse of the common Western portrayal of fate as an outside force of some sort, acting to "guide" outcomes in real time as they progress both of these opposite notions fall under the concept of "You Can't Fight Fate". If the prophecy comes true because of being made in the most common scenario, because of everyone's attempts to prevent it , it's a case of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. If the universe appears to self-correct any attempt at change, then Ontological Inertia is in play. In any case, on the Sliding Scale of Free Will vs.


You Can't Fight Fate


You CAN't Fight Fate





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