How long after getting a tooth pulled can you smoke

Smoking After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

how long after getting a tooth pulled can you smoke

We share six tips for prevention, including tips for smokers, how to identify When you have a tooth removed, you develop a blood clot over the People who smoke and use tobacco are at a much higher risk of developing dry socket after tooth extraction. Rest from strenuous work as long as possible.

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Oral surgery is something that many people will experience at some time in their life. A common coming of age surgery is getting the wisdom teeth extracted sometime in their late teens or early twenties. At any point in life, disease or injury may lead to needing a tooth or two extracted. After the surgery, it can take a few days to heal, with some factors such as overall health and lifestyle potentially affecting this time period. Usually, dentists or oral surgeons will give recommendations as to how to handle the recovery period.

And if you are an avid smoker, even delaying a few hours can be extremely tough. However, it is essential to know that smoking directly after a tooth extraction can nearly double or triple your healing process time. Cigarettes are made of chemical toxins that can delay your healing process immensely. Smoking after tooth extraction can also cause some after-surgery complications which can be hard to get over as well. The toxins from the cigarette smoke can cause inflammation of the gums, the smoke can irritate the gums around the extraction site and can cause some pain and swelling pain that can be avoided by not smoking. Smoking too soon after an extraction can also create a complication called a dry socket. A dry socket can make it difficult to open your mouth, cause intense pain on the whole side of the face as well as expelling an extremely bad smell in the mouth.

Is Smoking after Tooth Extraction Okay?

Smoking can cause dry socket., Special Offers. If you're having your wisdom teeth extracted, the recovery time can be greater depending on your oral hygiene, your body's ability to heal, and other extrinsic factors, such as your age and length of procedure time.



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    When you have a tooth removed also known as extracted it takes a few days for the site to heal properly.

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