Veteran tv full episodes free

Vet Tv Is Comedy Central for Ex-Military and an Eye-Opening Satire for Civilians

veteran tv full episodes free

The Bet - VET Tv [teaser]


The video seems harmless enough at first: A couple smiles lovingly at each other while nestled in their marital bed. Tired of hiding the bruises from your co-workers and friends? Since then, VET Tv has released some 15 original clips, all between five and 10 minutes in length and all created by a staff of ex-military-men-turned-filmmakers. For five dollars a month, subscribers have full access to the library of content and are guaranteed one new video a week. Most hear about the network via social media and friends.

Marine Corps Recruiting Sub-Station El Cajon is in need of a replacement after a tragic event at a local high school career day. Strait-laced combat veteran, Staff Sergeant Michael Butler, fresh out of recruiting school, faces unconventional warfare on the moral battlefield that is the life of a In the first episode we get a new commander in the office. Everyone knows when a new sheriff is in town it really throws a wrench in the office culture. Find out what happens when you go from a shit bag boss to someone who thinks they're squared away. The awards system is BS and birds aren't real! Butts talks bird conspiracy, gets power hungry with Officer Daniels, and tries to exceed his ticket quota to look good for the new Base Commander, but Sgt.

Last year, ex-Marine Danny Maher, a. Donny O'Malley, launched a streaming comedy channel aimed squarely at veterans.
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Its intent is to shine a comedic light on controversial subjects in the military, much like Dave Chappelle shined a comedic light on racial issues in America. The show is a sketch comedy that deals with the most serious issues affecting the veteran and military community, and then makes a complete joke of it. Female Recruits got a new daddy…or mommy. You know know what we mean. Kill, Die, Laugh — Episode 8 Trailer trailer. Kill, Die, Laugh — Episode 4 Trailer trailer. Sexual Assault briefs in the military have become ineffective and Base commanders across the country are taking alternative measures in order to reduce sexual assault.

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Knowing that Maher had friends who struggled with depression and anxiety after leaving Iraq and some who committed suicide, I see his blunt and in-your-face approach as something constructive, not something harmful. I found almost every episode not only hilarious but full of meaningful commentary too. Most importantly, Vet Tv understands the shortfalls of people in the military as connected to faults in the system as a whole.

Inside the Dark, Depraved Comedy Channel Targeted at Military Veterans

In order to get this off the ground without venture capitalists buying equity and taking control, we need to create a highly efficient team and crowdfund the money ourselves. It needs a group of highly motivated and proficient individuals who understand the mission and intent, and work together to accomplish the mission. If no one hands you a specific task, look at the mission, the tasks, the implied tasks, the things everyone else is doing, ask questions , and create tasks for yourself. Always BOLO to recruit others who can add value to the team- there is a giant pool of talent who wants to be a part of this in some way, find them and use them to accomplish the mission. There is a complete disconnect between what producers think veterans want to see, and what veterans actually want to see. Several networks CLAIM to be created for veterans, but their branding, marketing and messaging is professional, appropriate, honorable, and geared towards civilians.

Getting started is easy. Just download the app and join the community today. Instantly stream on iOS, tvOS or the web.
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Have you ever been in the shop, the office, the ship, or the field, looked to your buddy and said, "Could you imagine if they made a show about the shit that goes on in this place? Finally, we're making that show! Most people on the outside won't get it; the beauty is that we don't care, this network is for US. To fill up this network with shows that you want to see, we need your support and your vote, because if we don't fund this network, no one will. In addition to the shows we plan on filming in-house, we have partnered with some of your favorite veteran comedians to bring you exclusive content ONLY available on VET TV.



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