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Where Is Marilyn Miglin Now, 20 Years After Her Husband, Lee Miglin's, Murder?

duke miglin air force one

Duke Miglin is an actor, known for Air Force One (), Cyberdorm () and Mulligans! Air Force One F 'Halo 2' Fighter Pilot. Duke Miglin is the son of noted Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin, who was murdered by serial killer Andrew Cunanan, who later shot and killed.


Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Elena Nicolaou. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story begins at the end, with the assassination of Gianni Versace — the final victim in year-old serial killer Andrew Cunanan's trail. The episode dealt largely with Miglin played by Mike Farrell and how his death impacted his wife, Marilyn Judith Light , and son, Duke. Lee Miglin, the son of an Illinois coal miner , became an influential developer and is credited for inventing the concept of a "business park, " those ubiquitous office plazas.

As The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story retraces the steps of Andrew Cunanan backward through time, we leave behind the man considered to be his most famous alleged victim, Gianni Versace, and now find ourselves facing his other famous alleged victim, Lee Miglin. We say "alleged," as Cunanan's suicide means he never stood trial or was found guilty of the murders. Who were the Miglins? How did Cunanan get involved with them? Who is Lee Miglin's son, Duke Miglin? Miglin's death didn't just garner so much sensationalism due to the manner of his murder. He was a well-known real estate figure in the Chicago area.

For a series with the word "Versace" in the title, there was a shocking lack of the fashion designer in the Jan. Instead, the hour focused on Cunanan's movements leading up to Versace's murder. The events of the episode provides one possible explanation of how Cunanan may have come to be Miglin's home, while Miglin's grieving widow offers the police another, giving rise to the episode's title: "A Random Killing. According to the dramatized events of ACS executive producer: Alexis Martin Woodall , Lee Miglin was a closeted homosexual who hired Cunanan as an escort and invited him into his home while his wife, cosmetics mogul Marilyn Miglin, was out of town on business. In the show's version of events, the night that Lee was murdered wasn't the first time the businessman had met Cunanan; but on this night, Cunanan lured him into the garage on the pretense of sex, bound him and covered his face with tape, and then stabbed the older man with garden shears. Is this really how and why the murder occurred? Only the two men who were in that garage know the truth, and neither is still alive to relay the story.

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