Mk7 gti blow off valve

SPULEN Blow Off Valve Kit For MK7/A3/S3

mk7 gti blow off valve


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They do not leak, and their billet construction ensures they will last even in the most extreme conditions. Plus, the Dual Port offers that classic vent-to-atmosphere noise that many like to hear from their turbocharged cars. The standard blow-off valves aka. On tuned vehicles, they struggle to cope with increased boost levels. Billet aluminium construction and a precision-matched lightweight piston give a high-quality feel and excellent response. Extremely tight tolerances mean there is no need for an O-ring to seal the piston against the body of the BOV, which improves durability and reduces friction. This ensures quieter operation, avoiding unwanted attention.

Product description. From the factory, the 1. This gives the ability to run a conventional vent to atmosphere blow off valve rather than a recirculating diverter valve. In order to properly fit a blow off valve to these vehicles, several components were needed. Each component is outline below. Starting at the turbo, a custom block off cup was designed to block off the factory diverter valve.

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No aftermarket tuning required. Will work on stock tune or aftermarket tunes. The adapter bolts right in with the included longer bolts, no other modifications or tuning are required. Installation is simple car does not need to be raised and all mounting hardware is included. Precision CNC machined out of high quality aircraft grade billet aluminum. Product is not compatible with a VW Passat equipped with the 2.

Location: Canada Mississauga. Hi there I'm new to gti family looking to get some upgrades for my gti. I was thinking of blow off valve or blow off valve adapter but is it safe to do it on a stock car with no tune? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Venting boost to the atmosphere instead of recirculating it will make the turbo work harder by having to build up pressure again after the BOV closes, and cost you a bit of power in the process. Although it won't hurt your car, keep in mind these engines are designed with a recirc valve in mind. If you're all about the show, the BOV is the way to go.

Torque Solution Blow Off Valve Adapter: Volkswagen Golf, GTI, 2015+ For MK7



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    Prevent compressor surge, reduce turbo lag and get sharper throttle response and performance with a blowoff valve or diverter valve for your MK7 GTI or Golf.

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