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Why I Got 5 On It Was So Important In Us

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I got 5 on it - Luniz acoustic guitar tutorial with exercise

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Warning: Spoilers below if you haven't seen "Us. The latest dark tale from the writer-director of "Get Out" has many chilling moments, but one of the biggest is how the beloved rap song, "I Got 5 On It," from the group Luniz, is used as a frightening musical number in the movie's most dramatic scene. And if it weren't for its use in the movie's first trailer, Peele would never have thought of putting the remix of the song in the movie. But initially, it was just supposed to be played during the scene when the Wilson family is in the car, it plays on the radio, and they all begin to sing along and snap their fingers. But then Peele decided to use the song for the reveal of the Wilsons' doppelgangers in the trailer, as well.

Here is what I Got 5 On It by Luniz means in the soundtrack for Jordan Peele's Us . The Important Role Music Plays in Jordan Peele's Us.
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Jordan Peele has recently taken on the daunting task of not only rebooting The Twilight Zone but taking a role previously held by the dearly beloved narrator and Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. Us was released March The movie was both written and directed by Academy Award winner Jordan Peele. The movie is about a mother, Adelaide Wilson, returning to her childhood beachfront home with her husband, son, and daughter. Adelaide is haunted by a traumatic event that occurred as a child.

Who Are Luniz? Hip-Hop Group Behind 'Us' Trailer Song 'I Got 5 on It'

It was released in May as the lead single from their debut album, Operation Stackola., The trailer for Jordan Peele's upcoming film 'Us' arrived on Christmas and fans are amazed at the usage of the hip hop classic "I Got 5 on It". The trailer for Jordan Peele's new movie, Us , dropped on Christmas Day and the internet is already terrified and excited about the upcoming film.




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