Drag race results live timing

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drag race results live timing

UPCOMING EVENTS Aug 30 - Sep 1 ET Finals/JR Drag Racing Pacific Raceways Results. April 27 - 28, Division 3 Super Quick Series, Lucas Oil Raceway at.

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Welcome to the home of land speed records, Straightliners Events. We have documented and staged more land speed world records and drag-racing records than anyone in the world! Straightliners have spent decades removing the red tape allowing anyone to enter and compete at a professional event. For over 50 years Straightliners has been the grass-roots home of land speed records here in the Uk. Racers are born here, records are made here, legends live forever!

Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles usually specially prepared for the purpose compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the s. The history of automobiles and motorcycles being used for drag racing is nearly as long as the history of motorized vehicles themselves, and has taken the form of both illegal street racing , and as an organized and regulated motorsport. This article covers the legal sport. Before each race commonly known as a pass , each driver is allowed to perform a burnout , which heats the driving tires and lays rubber down at the beginning of the track, improving traction. The cars run through a "water box" formerly a "bleach box", before bleach was replaced by flammable traction compound, which produced spectacular, and dangerous, flame burnouts; the hazard led NHRA to mandate use of water in the s [2].

From local 5Ks to full production triathlons, there is definitely an event for you. Check out our race calendar for a complete list of events. Fast, accurate results are ready for you. Full, official results are always posted the same day as the event. Live timing, text alerts, and QR code on bib with results also option at many events. Whether you are looking for full event management or simply need timing services or equipment rental, we are ready help.

Suka tidak suka, kategori ini tetap mewakili keghairahan orang ramai untuk datang ke Litar Sepang, semata-mata mahu menyaksikan kepantasan luarbiasa. Sesungguhnya mencari bakat baru dalam dunia perlumbaan sebenarnya tidak susah. Hanya memerlukan sedikit usaha dan sokongan. Baik dari penganjur, peserta. Super Group A, walaupun kapasiti enjin mereka jauh berbeza rendahnya dari kumpulan Super akan tetapi pertempuran antara mereka. Meskipun mereka memakai tayar yang sama.

NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

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