Sylvie vartan est ce que tu le sais

Est-Ce Que Tu le Sais: Best of Sylvie Vartan by Sylvie Vartan (CD, Apr-1998, Bmg)

sylvie vartan est ce que tu le sais

"Est-ce que tu le sais?" is a collection of thirty essential tracks recorded by Sylvie Vartan for RCA between and In them, the listener can trace the.

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I Sylvie Vartan. Sylvie Vartan was born in Iskretz, Bulgaria. Her parents were originally from Georgia and worked for the French embassy. Sylvie has a seven years older brother named Eddie. After Bulgaria had been invaded by the Soviets in September , their house was confiscated and the Vartans had to move to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital city. A few year later, a friend of the family was making a movie about the war between Turkey and Bulgaria. He gave Sylvie a small part as a schoolgirl.

After British songwriters Tommy Brown and Micky Jones joined her song writing team in the middle of the decade, she went on to record a reasonable amount of material in English. Sylvie Vartan was born in the Bulgarian village of Iskretz on 15 August Her father had a job at the French embassy in Sofia and, when the family decided to flee the Soviet-occupied territory in , it was to Paris they headed.
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Sylvie Vartan is 70 today. Guestwriter Mark Sullivan looks at her unusual origins and early career: Sylvie Vartan was the first true French pop star, preceded only by the bilingual English girl Gillian Hills, who recorded in France from and whose career is now covered here. Sylvie has been performing ever since she came into the public eye in Before Gillian and Sylvie there were no teenage girl singers, just as before Johnny Hallyday there was no rock-and-roll in France.. In a short interview in English in Los Angeles this April , Hallyday explains how he was the first French rock singer, that he modelled himself on Elvis Presley, and that at first he and his writers translated American numbers; then started to write new songs in French. When record producers looked for girl singers to perform the new music and appeal to the youth market, Sylvie fitted the bill exactly. In her on-line biography is her description of how she started in entertainment as a child.

With 30 tracks spanning to , this is the most comprehensive single-CD compilation of Sylvie Vartan 's early recordings, and probably the one most apt to interest listeners beyond the French borders. Although it's a good-value representation of her '60s work, it's not all that fine musically, despite her considerable French stardom and the relatively high awareness of her name among international audiences. And there are a few cover choices that are eminently unsuitable for her approach, like Roy Orbison 's "Oh! There are also a few schmaltzy songs designated as "bonus" cuts with no relation to rock whatsoever. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

The family shortened the name Vartanian to Vartan. When the Soviet Army liberated Bulgaria in September , the Vartanian family house was nationalised and they moved to Sofia. In , a friend of Sylvie's father, film director Dako Dakovski, offered her the role of a schoolgirl in the movie Pod Igoto , a film about Bulgarian rebels against the Ottoman occupation. The hardships of postwar Bulgaria made the family emigrate to Paris in December Young Sylvie had to work hard to keep up at school and blend in with her schoolmates. She spent two years learning French.

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    Sylvie Vartan Format: Audio CD . covered a number of American and British hits of the era, from "Le Loco-motion" to "Quand tu es la" ("The Game of Love").

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