Red sox fan throws ball back

Red Sox fan hits Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton after throwing back home run ball (video)

red sox fan throws ball back

Red Sox fan steals home run ball from woman and throws back on field

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But by his own home run ball? Stanton then got quite a surprise from a strong-armed fan while rounding second base at Fenway Park. A man wearing a black T-shirt heaved the souvenir from his first-row seat on top of the left-field wall, and the ball took a hop and bounced off Stanton. The slugger continued his home run trot, but turned his head, smiled and appeared to tip his cap to the fan. The game was briefly halted as umpires gathered near the third-base line to point out the fan to stadium security officials. Should probably just hang onto it.

Sign up for the Yahoo Sports newsletter. Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo's Terms and Privacy Policy. It is a sort of rite of passage for some fans. Sure, you just caught a home run, a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, but the home run was not from your team. Instead of giving to the kid next to you, you throw it back. Typically thrown balls back result in some cheers and a nice camera shoutout.

By Dan Martin. Giancarlo Stanton took one out over the monster to extend the Yankees lead, but then a fan threw the ball back and hit Stanton rounding 2nd. The game was delayed while the fan was picked out of the crowd and kicked out, but Stanton seemed nonplussed by the situation. It happens all the time at our stadium and here [at Fenway], too. He was happy the Yankees got the keepsake, at least.

Fan who hit Stanton reveals what happened after throw

Red Sox Fan Throws Ball Back

Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton Hit by Ball After Red Sox Fan Throws Back His HR

After New York Yankees power hitter Giancarlo Stanton blasted a home run to the top of Fenway Park's infamous Green Monster at the top of the seventh inning on Saturday, a Red Sox fan took that ball and whipped it back onto the field in protest, hitting Stanton in the arm after a hop as he rounded second base. That's a pretty impressive feat. Stanton, who didn't seem to be hurt in the slightest by the ball, was impressed himself, looking up at the fans on the Green Monster and giving them a smile and a salute as he trotted his way to home base to put the Yankees up in the second game of the teams' final series of the regular season. The Yankees ended up winning the game In a post-game interview , Stanton smiled when asked about getting hit by the ball, saying that he didn't think the fan meant to hit him and noting that home run balls from opposing teams get thrown back onto the field at Yankee Stadium all the time.

Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton launched a home run into the Green Monster seats to give New York an lead over the Red Sox in the seventh inning. As is often the case, the fan who caught the ball threw it back. This time, there was a different result than usual. Fan in Monster Seats throws back Stanton home run, hits Stanton, immediately replaces Drew Pomeranz on playoff roster. The ball sailed all the way to the area of second base. While Stanton touched the bag and made his way toward third, the ball bounced and hit him. That fan has a stronger arm than any of the Yankee outfields, I think that is what you are mad about.

The Yankees hit a lot of home runs -- a historic amount , in fact. The dingers continued in Saturday's win over the Red Sox , with -- surprise, surprise -- Giancarlo Stanton getting into the act. With New York up, , in the seventh, he lofted a homer into the seats above the Green Monster.

In Case You Didnt Know, Red Sox Fans Are Another Species Altogether

Hi, everyone! New England sports fan here. Allow me to introduce you to another, better New England sports fan. Normally, balls that are thrown back toward the field barely make it to the warning track aka the dirt between the stands and the field. Luckily, Stanton seems to tip his helmet in a respectful nod for the show of athleticism. The funny part is, Stanton's hit earned the Bronx Bombers the record for most home runs by any team in a single season. If this overzealous fan hadn't shown off his guns, he could have scored himself a big pay day -- the Yanks would probably have asked for the ball back for a price.

As he rounded second, the baseball came back to him. Aided, of course, by the height of the Green Monster, the fan still had a Rookie of the Year moment that amused Stanton himself. While the broadcast expected the fan to get ejected from Fenway Park, that wasn't the case at all. ESPN caught up with the fan, year-old Atlanta native Andrew Lastrapes, and he explained that he admitted to a security guard that he threw the ball after already evading other security personnel. He wasn't ejected from the ballpark. And then I was one security guard left, and it was an old guy, and he was like, 'Son, did you hit Giancarlo Stanton with that ball?




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    In the face of seeing his team allow the Yankees to get their th win of the season, this Red Sox fan was able to get a little victory of his own on Saturday. After Giancarlo Stanton rocketed a homer into the Green Monsters seats, the fan in question grabbed the baseball and.

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    USP MLB: NEW YORK YANKEES AT BOSTON RED SOX S BBA BOS a fan threw the ball back and hit Stanton rounding 2nd.

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