Taste of florida y mary mix where to buy

Bambooze Fine Wine is a Pensacola liquor store with Mixers, bitters & more..

taste of florida  y mary mix where to buy

Looking to savor the Taste of Florida, but don't live in the Sunshine State? No problem, scroll down the page and discover a full listing of retail destinations that .

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Have you attended a tradeshow lately? From the sounds of this blog, you would think we frequent tradeshows every weekend. Which means we better know what it takes to stop a show attendee in his or her tracks. For starters you should have a darn good-looking booth. Taste of Florida is a family-owned and operated drink mix company, known for their real fruit and real fruit puree mixes such as Bloody Mary and Margarita.

From Margaritas and Bloody Marys to Triple Sec and Blue Curacao, we have a drink mix that will turn a good time into a great time. Taste Florida for yourself.
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These fine traders have journeyed to the shores of the Isle of Nectars to bring back Dr. These gourmet mixes, made from real fruit juice and only the finest ingredients, will unleash a cascade of tropical dreams. Luxurious, fruity, decadent, sexy why not try all of our top-shelf drink mixes? Hot, desperate, throat parched as the sun beats down, searing your flesh. Now think satisfaction, as the sensuous island nectar reaches your lips and cools your throat. These leading purveyors braved scorching sun, endless sand and sea to bring you ship loads of this precious cargo.

Made with real fruit juice and fruit puree, Taste of Florida Real Juice Mixers has only one goal: to make your drink taste better. As their clientele has grown, so has the brand's reputation for high quality products. Competing against taste-makers from around the world, Taste of Florida was a clear stand out. The Spicy Bloody Mary mix, a year-round favorite for connoisseurs of quality cocktails, was awarded a gold rating, scoring 92 on a scale of With a price point lower than many of its competitors, it is sure to excite the palette and the wallet. Since no summer would be complete without an ice cold frozen beverage, reach for a Taste of Florida Pina Colada mixer, the highest-rated entry in the Pina category during the competition.

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