Logan paul subscriber count graph

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is tanking on views and new subscribers

logan paul subscriber count graph


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The fallout continues for American YouTuber Logan Paul after he copped, and continues to cop, a severe amount of criticism for his 'suicide forest' video - and it's only the second day of One of the biggest representations of how much this has fucked him up is his following on YouTube. According to Social Blade, he's lost more than 6, subscribers today. Most people would think that's actually not that bad considering he's on However Social Blade reveals that the year-old gets anywhere between 29, to 72, every single day. So this incident has cost him tens of thousands of potential followers just for a casual Tuesday.

In a surprising and yet, somehow, not that surprising turn of events, Logan Paul's subscriber count experienced a huge leap following his widely condemned "suicide forest" vlog. Fellow creators and fans alike criticised Logan after he shared a vlog containing footage of a suicide victim's body, which had been found in Japan's "Aokigahara" - sometimes known as "suicide forrest," because of the unusually high number of suicide victims found there. But despite the widespread criticism, Logan's subscriber count appears to have benefited from the bad publicity. While he gained fewer subscribers than usual on the day the controversy hit mainstream attention just 17, , he went on to gain a whopping 81, subscribers, which is far higher than his usual daily subscriber increase. Take a look at the graph below using data from VidStatsX to see the sharp rise.

There's a good reason why controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has decided to launch a channel on rival site Twitch and it isn't just creative pride. The numbers show the slowdown began to bite from December onwards, when Paul hit the headlines for posting a video showing a dead body in Japan's "suicide forest. And you can see a similar impact on subscribers. To be clear, the figures don't show that Paul is actively losing subscribers. Rather, SocialBlade's numbers show Logan Paul is struggling to add as many new subscribers each month as he used to. When Logan Paul was at his peak in June , he added more than 2 million subscribers to his channel that month alone. In March, he only added around ,

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You are one click away from potentially getting your YouTube channel discovered by , The year-old has sparked a huge debate on YouTube culture after he posted a video showing the body of a man who had taken his own life in the Aokigahara forest, referred to as the Japanese suicide forest.

YouTuber Logan Paul Loses Tens Of Thousands Of Potential Subscribers Over Suicide Video



This Is How Many Subscribers Logan Paul GAINED After The Suicide Forest Controversy






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