How much does it cost to fix a side mirror

How Much It Really Costs to Replace Your Toyota’s Side Mirror

how much does it cost to fix a side mirror

You come out of the store and find the side mirror on your car is broken. the complete side mirror at the dealership will cost $$ for an average car.

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Dear All, While I was staying with my step-mother, she had a small mishap with the side view mirror on the right side of her Chrysler New Yorker vintage early to mid s. As she backed out of the garage, she misjudged the distance between her car and the other car parked in the driveway. Her right sideview mirror clipped the left sideview mirror of the other car. Can you tell me approximately — ballpark figure-- how much it would cost to fix this mirror? I appreciate your help! Although you imply that the mirror was merely dislodged, it is most likely that its plastic base was snapped.

Unlike many auto repairs, replacing your side mirror is something you can easily do at home. You don't need a lift or specialized tools. The main costs are the replacement mirror and labor. Image credit: Kate Brady. Then you can determine whether to hire a professional or do it yourself.

Service went fine good price as well. Only thing is there is a squealing noise coming from one of the belts. Not sure if its nothing to worry about as wasn't informed. I don't blame the garage for this. Just wish I knew what was causing it.

How Much Does a Side Mirror Cost?

As with many components on modern cars, side mirrors can range drastically in price depending on several variables. Some of the more expensive mirrors, for example, come with blind spot detection, heated glass, power adjustment, electrochromic features and power fold technology, which allows the driver to fold the mirrors up against the car in tight spots.,


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Side View Mirror?










  1. Benita C. says:

    Not all side mirror damage does not mean you need to replace your mirror.

  2. Yasmin H. says:

    One of the more commonly damaged car parts is the side mirror.

  3. Afrodille M. says:

    Sure, we get that things pop up.

  4. Teolinda V. says:

    You may end up paying just as much or more for labor as you do for the part itself.

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