Why does north korea hate america

Why North Korea still hates the United States: The legacy of the Korean War

why does north korea hate america

North Koreans In Los Angeles Are Facing Discrimination—In Koreatown (HBO)

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For decades, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - more commonly known as North Korea - has been one of the world's most secretive countries. Its government doesn't like people from outside the country going there and finding out what's going on. It shares a border with a country called South Korea - and the two countries have not gone on with each other for a long time. A North Korean leader had not stepped foot in South Korea for 65 years and the leaders of the countries had not met for 10 years. The meeting was a significant moment in modern history. In order to better understand the relationship between the two countries, we need to look back over the last few decades at the history of this secretive country.

People in South Korea's capital watch a report about a North Korean missile launch on September 15, In , President Donald Trump became the first sitting U. Here, we examine the turbulent history between the two countries. The fear was not unfounded. With the help of the Soviet Union, North Korea began work on a nuclear complex, and in the early s, built its first power plant, Yongbyon. In these early days, Pyongyang insisted that its aims were peaceful. It became party to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty NPT in , and signed an agreement in with its rival South Korea in which both countries agreed not to produce or use nuclear weapons.

It feels odd to type those words, and you probably will not hear them repeated by members of America's foreign policy establishment over the next few days, as Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam. A lot of smart people — including Trump's own aides — fear the president will do anything to proclaim the summit a success, even if it means trumpeting an agreement that somehow lets Kim keep his tiny nuclear arsenal largely intact.
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Relations between North Korea and the US involve a volatile mix of land occupation, perceived threats from each other, misconceptions and [mis]representations of facts with biased views, and an endless list of grievances attributed to historical events. The US and North Korea do not have formal diplomatic relations, and according to a recent Gallup poll , US citizens see North Korea as the least favorable country and most critical military threat. However, in this article, we examine the main reasons why North Korea hates the US, and how the current geopolitical situation and long history keep the relations strained. As a result, two parallel governments came into existence in the north and south. In , the northern region present-day North Korea established a communist government, while the southern region South Korea established a pro-western government. With the backing of two world superpowers, the two states started to operate independently. This laid the foundation of anti-US sentiments in communist North Korea.

Why North Korea Hates the U.S.

Why North Korea Agreed To Meet With Trump


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