How does sunlight affect plant growth

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

how does sunlight affect plant growth

The effect of light on plant growth

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Light is something we all take for granted unless you live in the arctic circle or something! But if you get into gardening, or more specifically, indoor hydroponics, you start to appreciate how valuable sunlight truly is. You cannot grow anything in the darkness. Mushrooms and fungi are an exception of course, but for any plants with green chlorophyll coursing through their leaves, light is mandatory. Electricity does not come cheap, and your energy bills will shoot up if you don't plan your hydroponics system properly.

Without the sun, plants can't get the food they need to grow, reproduce and survive. Unlike animals, plants are autotrophs, meaning they create their own food source. They use energy from light or from the sun, water and gases from the air to create glucose.
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The growth of a plant might seem like a simple and straightforward process. The plant needs to be watered, the soil needs to have certain nutrients, and it needs to be in an environment where it receives light for a certain amount of time. Yet not many know how the latter can have a big impact in the development of a plantů until now. In this post, I'll explain how different color lights affect plant growth, jumping into detail on the characteristics that light possess, and how you can use different colored LED grow lights to change the properties of plants and make plants grow faster. A crucial component in the growth of a plant besides water and oxygen, is sunlight.

Most of us take light for granted, perhaps due to the fact that it is readily available and we only need it so that we can see clearly. Plants, on the other hand, need light to make food, with only an exemption of a few species like mushrooms and algae. The three basic human needs are food air and shelter. For plants, it's light, water, and air. This brings us to the question of the day, how does light affect plant growth?

How Light Affects The Growth Of A Plant & Problems With Too Little Light

The effect of red, blue and white light on plant growth - Setup of the experiment

Light affects us all in different ways. Some people want to raise their arms and greet the morning rays with gleeful shouts. Others turn into vampires and hide under the bed covers.
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