What does it mean when a phone number is unreachable


what does it mean when a phone number is unreachable

Call Ended Problem -- Outgoing Calls Not Working -- Call Not Connected Problem Solve

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Im trying to call someone and the automated voices instantly says "the number you are trying to call is not reachable. PPS ". I believe the recipient of the call has a prepaid iphone. What does this message mean, please? Yes, the person does have a prepaid phone. I have the prepaid LG Neon, and when I run out of funds on my account, people cannot call or reach me. Only throught text.

Receiving calls can be crucial to your businesses success, and missed calls can be detrimental. The call forward unreachable feature is a great tool that businesses have the opportunity to utilize but may not be aware is available, or how it works. First, what could make you unreachable? Your premise based phone system PBX could have an outage or issue that needs to be repaired, making it impossible to receive calls. Cables or lines can be cut accidentally by construction crews. When any of these happen your business is unreachable. Call forward unreachable allows you to forward your phone lines to another number of your choosing in the event your services are down, without having to call in to a customer care number for assistance.

How to Make Your Cell / Mobile Number Unreachable?

I have a 2nd gen Moto X phone. Have tried restarting it, going to settings, the whole shebang.


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