What does a black cross mean

Is it true that if your wear a black cross necklace, that it means you support the antichrist?

what does a black cross mean

Black cross or Black Cross may refer to: Black Cross (Teutonic Order), heraldic insignia of the Teutonic order (since ); Black Cross (Germany), military.

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For too long, "black" has been a synonym for "bad", and the luxury association with fur coats has made 'sable' a preferred alternative term in heraldry. More recently in many cultures, however, sable fur coats have become synonymous with decadent and obscene self-indulgence. Things are not always black and white. The Black Cross has symbolised both support of the State and anarchy. In the Middle Ages, a Black Cross on a white background was the design for the Kroaz Du , one of the official flags of Brittany, a large peninsula in northwest France. This became the standard of the Breton Army and was the national flag of Brittany until

There are many different types of crosses. An all black cross means the place is haunted by some spirit. Somebody died there and the people believe they still roam the area. This art is very Symbolic. Possibly it is the cross of St.

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The cross is one of the earliest and most widely used Christian symbols. In the broadest sense, a cross symbolizes the religion of Christianity. More specifically, it represents and memorializes Christ's death. There are a variety of crosses, some with specific symbolic meaning and others that have simply become culturally associated with certain groups. Of course, the cross—two bars which intersect one another at right angles—is an ancient symbol found in many cultures predating the Christian religion , and in Christianity , there are several forms which each have a variety of meanings. Here are some of the crosses used in Christianity and their meanings. In Christian mythology, the four equal arms point in the four direction of the earth, representing the spread of the gospel or the four platonic elements earth, air, water, and fire.

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