Why does my at&t internet slow down at night

why does my at&t internet slow down at night

How to Speed Up AT&T U-Verse Internet

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I have recently started having the same problem, but mine starts about 8 PM. Are you having trouble logging in? Is your email password not working? Sign up Sign up Sign in. Ask a question. Turn on suggestions.

I have already had my modem replaced before any of the "helpful" employees come out here yes I am hooked directly into the modem. Here is tonight's speed test results. This is totally unacceptable. Not putting up with it 1 more night than I have to. Wired or wireless?

We have had Uverse internet for about 3 weeks now. Just moved to town - previous address only had Comcast. Every night at about the speeds slow down tremendously, sometimes even kicking us off the internet completely. My son has been kicked off his gaming several times and can't even play during this time. Netflix buffers every few minutes and is pixelly and grainy when it does play. Never had this happen before. May have to go back to Comcast.

Every night, without fail, my internet slows down to the point where we can't utilize our laptops nor watch Netflix or anything else on our streaming devices.
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However, it seemed to me that simple articles were taking a long time to load, and if pictures were involved it took a very long time. At night when nothing is running except my one IPAD and found my speeds were horrible During the hours between 7am to 10pm or so, when more services are in use in my house my speeds are typically 18Meg to 21Meg. I pay for the upper tier speeds and expect these speeds. I have tested speeds for 4 or 5 different nights, and the story is the same every time, very consistent, and in multiple house locations. Extremely slow after pm to 1 or 2AM - usually asleep by 2AM so have not really tested beyond that.

My internet is slowing down at night. Kicking us off Netflix and unable to use lap tops and FaceTime on devices. What can be done?? Solved by: Go to Solution. Happy Holidays Pearcele

All of a sudden my internet speed became significantly slower. - Everything is fine during the day, but our uverse internet is slows to a crawl during the evening.









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    Every night, without fail, my internet slows down to the point where we can't to the living room to used a wired connections and it still does it.

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