Does kevin die in riverdale

“Riverdale”’s Casey Cott On Saying Goodbye To Moose and Ashleigh Murray’s Big Move to “Katy Keene”

does kevin die in riverdale

Riverdale Leaked Trailer #Death of Kevin Keller ll Netflix official Trailer

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The bright-eyed and optimistic character has gone through some tough times on the show, despite trying to staying away from the crazy drama that has plagued his town. Casey Cott: I was super excited for that episode. You get to see his relationship with Moose and what happens there. After that, the next big thing for Kevin is the musical and I got to sing a lot this year. I have always wanted to do theater. I know a couple of the people that were in the most recent production and they sing their faces off, so I hope we do them justice.

To say that the season finale of Riverdale was eventful is an exercise in understatement. Not only did we get a resolution of the Black Hood and Gargoyle King storylines, Penelope Blossom established herself as the show's primary antagonist, Alice's true intentions with The Farm were revealed, Hiram began a quest of vengeance against his family, Betty lost a father and gained a step-brother, Cheryl was reunited with Jason well, sorta and, most importantly, a Lost -esque flash-forward illustrated how brutal the future will be for Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead. It was all a bit epic, and a more-than-satisfying conclusion to Riverdale 's uneven third season. But with so much happening in the episode, it's understandable if you missed something. Drawing from evidence that the show has already given us, let's take a look at where the finale left all the main characters and speculate upon what the future may hold for them next season. After a season spent narrowly averting death, the finale saw Archie experiencing the closest thing he has had to peace since the show began.

At this point, the Black Hood is so obviously Hal Cooper that the only possible conclusion is that the killer is not Hal Cooper. Unless, of course, the Riverdale writers consider Alice as his accomplice to be a significant enough twist—which it's not. Let's think about this for one second. Of the characters we have met, Hal is the only one to share a similar build as the figure we've seen terrorizing the town, and those eyes are so green they have to be contacts. And, as I pointed out in last week's recap, why would Alice Cooper lie about knowing Miss Grundy in a town where everyone knows everyone? As for episode three, "The Watcher in the Woods," the evidence continues to pile up against the Cooper parents. When they "receive" The Black Hood's letter explicitly linking the three attacks and his motives, Alice and Hal both hold onto it with their bare hands and make a point to pass it to their daughter Betty who, by the way, is 16 at the oldest.

As it stands, there has been more deaths in Riverdale than I have had hot dinners. And now we might have to say goodbye to one more because it looks like the cast are on set filming a funeral scene. In pictures shared to various cast members Instagram stories those shady shady Lodges, Marisol Nichols and Mark Consuelos , almost all of the squad are dressed head to toe in black, standing in a snowy cemetery. So far, the list of characters that have been spotted on set filming this episode are: Hiram and Hermione, obviously. That leaves quite a few characters who could be, might be, maybe, potentially in jeopardy. Of course, some actors might not have been captured in the sneaky behind the scenes Instagram stories but judging by that line up of funeral attendees, it might be a pretty key character that we have to say goodbye to.

It's no secret that Riverdale loves its shocking twists and turns, but even though the dark teen drama is often threatening its main characters with death, it has yet to fully pull the trigger on anyone central to the series. But that could all change in Season 3. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted out a short description of the ninth episode of the new season, and it is causing fans to freak out and ask, who dies in Riverdale Season 3? Let's talk out this shocking new information. Ahead of the Riverdale Season 3 premiere, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased out the new season's upcoming mid-season finale and the episode following it, which looks like it is going to include a huge plot twist. Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Episode 8, called "Outbreak," will be the mid-season finale , but the big shock came when he teased that not all of the show's main characters would make it to Episode 9.

Who Dies In 'Riverdale' Season 3? The Showrunner Teased A Main Character Will Be Killed

Fine, the other great moment we can probably all agree on is the flashback episode featuring the main cast as their parents. - He has since been promoted to a series regular for the second season onward.

The Most Ridiculous Things That Have Happened on 'Riverdale' Season 3 (So Far)

Jughead unveils the dead body of one of the most popular Riverdale characters in episode 6, and fans are in their feelings about the big reveal. Surprise, surprise, death has graced the town of Riverdale once again and this time, the Gargoyle King has claimed the life of a pretty huge character that we literally never thought or hoped would end up dead so soon. Episode 6 of season 3, titled 'Manhunter', was dramatic from the jump. The now exonerated Archie broke up with Veronica who literally managed to bust him out of jail and clear his name within the space of 24 hours over a heartbreaking phone call, Betty managed to scam every parent into attending a reveal-all at the speakeasy and Jughead headed off on a mission of his own to find out why Archie was betrayed in jail by Joaquin. In case you weren't counting, the body count in this episode was 83 just kidding, it was like, 4. Toward the end of the episode, Jughead's mission comes to a grizzly end as he discovers one of those dead bodies at Sunnyside trailer park which has now sent the entire fandom into a complete and utter meltdown because a it was so unexpected and b it was a real fan favourite character. In the episode, Jughead orders Fangs and Sweet Pea to locate Joaquin, who joined a new gang after escaping juvie with Archie.


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Kevin is a junior at Riverdale High School and the best friend of Betty Cooper. Jughead reveals to Betty that he does not consider Kevin a friend, and is thus the shocking revelation that FP Jones killed Jason Blossom, Kevin asked Archie, .
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