What does sprite and cough syrup do to you

What Is Lean? (Purple Drank) – Codeine

what does sprite and cough syrup do to you


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The practice of drinking prescription cough syrup mixed with soda originated in Houston, Texas during the late s and s. Atlanta-based rapper Future is credited with popularizing the term dirty Sprite in the early s. In , Future released a mixtape called Dirty Sprite that glorified the recreational consumption of prescription cough syrup. Dirty Sprite is one of several slang terms used in hip-hop culture to describe a concoction of prescription cough medicine and clear soda, whose abuse has been linked to deaths. Dirty Sprite has become a buzzword used by the media when reporting on the nationwide epidemic of teenage prescription drug abuse. Reports indicate that abuse of prescription cough medicine has been on the rise since the mids. Menu Dictionary.

Why do people mix codeine and Sprite, and what are the effects of codeine and of cough syrup used in purple drank can go above-recommended doses by up .
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Top definition. Lean unknown. The codeine is mainly responsible for the euphoric feeling after drinking lean. Promethazine causes motor skill impairment, lethargy, extreme drowsiness, as well as a disassociative feeling from all other parts of the body, specifically the stomach and digestive system. The mixed drink combination known as "lean", is normally the color purple, due the added ingredient sizzurp, which is originally a dark purple syrup. There are other colors of sizzurp which can be added to create lean, but the purple is the true sizurp Lean does not contain ANY form of alcohol, crushed pills, or other liquids in general.

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What to Know About Purple Drank Use

The candy-flavored cough syrup concoction popularized by rap singers has been around for years but, as NBC's Today show reported Thursday, doctors are increasingly concerned about kids seeking out this dangerous high, glamorized in songs and videos. Here's what you need to know, according to government agencies and to doctors who spoke to NBC and the Los Angeles Times :. What is it?

Purple drank

Lean—also known as purple drank, purple lean, sizzurp, dirty sprite, and lean drink—is a combination of prescription-strength cough medicine, soft drinks, and hard, fruit-flavored candy. Adolescents often get together with friends to make lean. Lean is concocted from a narcotic drug and its excessive consumption can have dangerous consequences. Conclusive usage statistics are difficult to come by in part because the whole lean phenomenon is a relatively recent one. Also, as the primary ingredient may be obtained legally with a prescription, it becomes difficult to track its misuse as a component of lean. Making the trend of using lean even more complicated are the many celebrities and professional athletes who have been at the center of news stories about the drug.

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Purple drank is a recreational drug , created by combining cough syrup with a soft drink and hard candy. The concoction originated in Houston, Texas and is popular among those who belong to the hip hop subculture or reside in the southern United States. The term purple drank is a nod to its purple hue, as most cough syrups are purple in color, and drank is an informal term for a beverage, especially an intoxicating drink , used by English speakers in the United States. Other names include sizzurp , [2] lean , [3] syrup , [2] drank , [2] barre , [2] purple jelly , [2] Texas tea , [4] dirty Sprite , [5] and Tsikuni. Traditionally, the base for purple drank has been prescription cold medicine , specifically cough syrup, one that contains both promethazine and codeine, but over-the-counter cold medicine that lists dextromethorphan as the active ingredient has also been used, as it can produce similar effects and eliminate the need for a doctor's visit. The physiological effects of purple drank on the user is to produce mild "euphoric side effects", which are accompanied by "motor-skill impairment, lethargy, drowsiness, and a dissociative feeling from all other parts of the body. This phenomenon is often appealing to first-time users.

Purple drank is the moniker given to the recreational drug that is created by mixing large doses of prescription cough syrup most commonly promethazine-codeine products, which are classically a deep purple color with a carbonated soft drink and hard candy. With the emergence of dangerous drug cocktails like purple drank in the s, however, the potential for misuse was brought into the spotlight. Purple drank has been responsible for the hospitalization and death of many people, including several celebrity singers, rappers, and professional athletes. Also Known As: Purple drank is also known as sizzurp, purple stuff, lean, drank, barre, Texas tea, Memphis mud, and purple Sprite. Drug Class: The primary drug ingredient in purple drank is codeine, which is classified as an opioid, whereas promethazine, another drug in the cocktail, is an antihistamine.




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    Codeine is a prescription opioid drug that treats mild pain and acts as a cough suppressant.

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    Dextromethorphan DXM is a common ingredient found in many cough and cold remedies.

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