Why does my washer shake

How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Vibrating

why does my washer shake

There are a number of possible reasons why your washer is shaking and why your washing machine is shaking and with our help and repair videos learn how to fix If your washer is shaking or vibrating during the spin cycle you should first .

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A shaking washing machine can be quite concerning. It may feel like the floor is about to collapse underneath your machine, and the sound can make it seem like the entire building is falling apart. Fear not! Outside of an improperly-loaded machine, the most common source of a shaking washer is that the legs are not level, which is an incredibly easy fix. Tip: Front-loading machines have a tougher time distributing clothes evenly as the drum spins.

All front-load washing machines have shock absorbers that are used to dampen the tub movement in the spin cycle. The shock absorbers or struts are attached to the base frame and to the outer tub and you will need to remove the front panel or the rear panel to access them. When shock absorbers weaken or become damaged, unbalanced loads will cause the washer to shake or move and the machine will often make a loud banging sound during the spin cycle. If the symptom is not corrected, it can lead to damage of other components. Inspect the shocks for signs of broken attachments, leaked fluids or a weakened dampening action and replace both shocks if worn.

The Kenmore Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore. Bobby Jambon. Machine vibrates excessively when in spin cycle either with or without clothes in washer. Already checked adjustments of feet on bottom of washer and they are in correct adjustment and locknuts are tight. What will cause machine to vibrate excessively in spin cycle and clothes are in balance?

Does your washing machine shake, rattle, and bump while it is running? While a little vibration is normal, loud thumps and bumps are not. Not only are these issues annoying both for residents and for the people living above and below them, but they can cause damage to your washing machine.
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Does your washing machine shake violently when it enters the spin cycle? Not only is this annoying, but it can knock over items stored on nearby shelves, sending them crashing to the ground below. Whether you own a top or front-loading washing machine, you should fix this problem to prevent damage to nearby objects, and to prevent further damage to your unit. One of the first things you should do is check the leveling legs on your washing machine. Washing machines should only be used on a flat, even surface to reduce the chance of movement.



How to Fix A Washer That Shakes and Moves


A shaking washing machine can be quite concerning. It may feel Why does my washer get very loud after a spin cycle and shake my floor?.
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