Tell me something i don t know by selena gomez

Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Selena Gomez song)

tell me something i don t know by selena gomez

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know" is the debut single performed by Selena Gomez. The song was released as the lead single from Another Cinderella Story .

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Their frontman Chris Cornell started out as their drummer, so Soundgarden takes a linear approach when it comes to songwriting. Kim explains how they do it. Greg talks about writing songs of "universal truth" for King Crimson and ELP, and tells us about his most memorable stage moment it involves fireworks. Waters tells the "Gypsy Woman" story, shares some of her songwriting insights, and explains how Dennis Rodman ended up on one of her songs. Toggle navigation Welcome Guest. Selena originally recorded this tune in for the soundtrack of the movie Another Cinderella Story , which she starred in. A second version was done for Radio Disney, which removed the Hurricane Katrina reference.

Everybody tells me, That it's so hard to make it, Yet so hard to break it, And there's no way to fake it, Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling, I shouldn't believe in, The dreams that I'm dreaming, I hear it everyday, I hear it all the time, I'm never gonna amount to much, But they're never gonna change my mind.
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Tell Me Something I Don't Know

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