Smells like teen spirit shovel

Dude Dropping A Shovel Sounds Exactly Like Smells Like Teen Spirit

smells like teen spirit shovel

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Some people really have too much time on their handsand, we for one, are really pleased about it. Otherwise, the world would likely have never gotten the chance to hear Smells Like Teen Shovel. At time of posting the video has racked up an impressive 2. It really is the simple things in life that can give the most joya walk on the beach, a nice cuppa tea, Paris Hilton . To this day it remains their best known hit, and has spawned a slew of Memes in its honorcheck out Popdust's pick of the best below.

In the short clip, which has gone viral, the bungling man slips on ice and lets the shovel go flying. But the clattering sounds just like the opening chords of the classic grunge song released in Nirvana fans have widely praised the clip, with one writing: "Now this was the real inspiration for the original song. Another said: "Not gonna lie, that's without a doubt the best thing I've seen today. The grunge scene is not what I'm interested in.

Usually a shovel falling on the ground sounds, well, like a shovel. But sometimes you get a gem like this. In a video posted to YouTube , a man is seen slipping on some icy ground and dropping his shovel. A viewer, with obviously a very good ear for music, noticed that the bounce of the shovel created the sound of the very memorable opening riff to the 's grunge band Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit. I dare you to watch this video of a falling shovel that sounds like Nirvana once and not become addicted. Listen Live. Hurricane Guide.


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Smells Like Teen Shovel Coub


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  1. Aymon L. says:

    Smells Like Teen Shovel Coub 10 hour loop. igsagFeed.

  2. Kingcentiotrig says:

    This is a fifteen minute loop of a man dropping a shovel which happens to sound remarkably like the opening riff to Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', spliced together with the beginning of the actual music video.

  3. Kea J. says:

    For those of you who love a loop video, you can even watch 10 hours of the shovel hitting ice over and over and over again.

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