Hp spectre x360 13 review

Review: HP Spectre x360

hp spectre x360 13 review

Mar 7, The redesigned inch Spectre x (starting and reviewed at $1,) is HP's latest design triumph. With its faceted edges, chamfered.

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With head-turning looks, long battery life, and innovative port placement, the HP Spectre x 13 is an excellent 2-in-1 convertible laptop. HP's Spectre x 13 is the sort of 2-in-1 convertible laptop that turns the heads of people accustomed to the idea that premium laptops should be slabs of silver aluminum. If you cart yours around a major city blanketed with Apple laptops, as I did over a few days of testing, some of those folks will inevitably gasp, "Wow, what is that? Perhaps the most remarkable part about it, though, is that it's not really new. The iteration is simply an ingenious update to an excellent design that's been around for a few years. There's one significant oversight—a clumsy touchpad—but the Spectre x 13 unquestionably keeps its place among the best premium, compact 2-in-1s you can buy. The Spectre x is available in either inch or inch variants.

With its faceted edges, chamfered corners and unique colors, the new Spectre x is truly a sight to behold. Like an artist refining their trade, HP has incrementally improved the design of its laptops with each new product. Now, with the Spectre x, the company has crafted a masterpiece. These aggressive angles give the Spectre x the sort of sophisticated elegance you'd expect from exorbitantly priced accessories sold by a luxury fashion designer. The Spectre x's sleek aluminum chassis is beautifully contoured, featuring faceted edges and sharply chamfered corners that look as if they were cut by a master jeweler. Centered on the laptop's stylish eggplant lid is a modern HP logo in gold chrome; opening it reveals a gold-trimmed touchpad next to Spectre branding.

The Good The HP Spectre x 13 is one of the best ultraportable two-in-ones available with lots of component options including three display choices, multiple privacy and security features and class-leading battery life. HP includes a laptop sleeve and full-size active pen. The Bad Premium laptops come with premium prices. The low-power display is too dim for outdoor use. The Bottom Line A stylish, thoughtful design, excellent component options and looooooong battery life all make the HP Spectre x 13 one of the best premium two-in-one ultraportables around. It's rare that a laptop I've tested made me feel underdressed while using it.

The Hewlett-Packard Spectre x 13 is one of the best inch laptops I've ever used. But is it better than the Dell XPS 13? Read on. Review backgrounder: I've been using the gem-cut HP Spectre x 13 early for about a month and the Dell XPS 13 early for a couple of months. It feels lighter than it actually is 2. That said, it's not as compact see photo below nor as light as the Dell XPS 13 2.

So while others are content with a new color swath or LED change, the Spectre x 13 model still manages to impress. HP always puts top-shelf components in its Spectre laptops, and the x 13 is no different. Of the specs shown here, the one that deserves a special call is the display. The laptop is Its 0. The right side of the new HP Spectre x 13 features two Thunderbolt 3 ports, an analog headset jack, and microSD slot. The right side of the Spectre x 13 is sparser, but it offers two very important things.

HP Spectre x360 review

Switching between laptop and tablet mode occurs quickly, without any delay or stuttering as Windows 10 switches between modes. The Intel Core iU is an 8th generation processor that was launched last year, with four cores and eight threads, as well as a base frequency of 1.

HP Spectre x360 (13-inch, 2019) Review

It was a solid laptop in HP, refusing to leave well enough alone, has updated its top-shelf Spectre x once again, continuing to upgrade and fine-tune things as it works to perfect the formula for the ideal convertible laptop. For those not in the know, the Spectre x has emerged as one of the most compelling convertibles on the market. Available in both inch and inch versions the latter is reviewed here , the machine blends solid performance, great usability, exceptional battery life, and tons of bonus features, all whipped up into a subpound package that works well as both a standard laptop and, with the screen folded back, a slate tablet. The full experience has become incredibly upscale. This is most noticeable on the two rear corners of the laptop, which are lopped off into crisp diagonals and where HP has placed, on alternate sides, a USB-C port intended to be used with the charger and the power button, addressing complaints including my own that the old side-mounted power button was too easy to accidentally hit. The model is slightly thicker 0.

Take it from me: reviewing a great laptop is so much more fun than reviewing a mediocre one. A case in point was the late HP Spectre x 13, which I considered the best degree convertible 2-in-1 around.



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