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Left in the Dark: Violence Against Women and LGBTI Persons in Honduras and El Salvador

www la prensa hn com

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You can find the full series here. Violence against women in El Salvador and Honduras ranks amongst the highest in the world. Gangs are part of the problem, but the underlying causes of violence are deeply rooted in the patriarchal attitudes and machista culture that are pervasive in Salvadoran and Honduran societies. And while in we saw a minor decrease in one of the most extreme forms of violence against women, namely femicides, other formsólike domestic and sexual violenceócontinue to assail women in these countries. What is more, the majority of crimes against women and girls remain largely in impunity. LGBTI persons, especially trans women, also continue to be targeted and face major obstacles in their search for justice. The high rates of impunity for sexual and gender-based crimes in these countries are the result of multiple factors.

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Left in the Dark: Violence Against Women and LGBTI Persons in Honduras and El Salvador

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