Useful items for leg amputee

15 Things I Have Learned Since Becoming A Leg Amputee

useful items for leg amputee

AMPUTEE - 5 Things I DID NOT EXPECT after losing my leg


The holidays are here, and gift season is in full swing! Read on! One thing you might not consider as a gift or at least, as part of a gift is baby wipes. They come in handy when it comes to cleaning a residual limb or liner. Having wipes on hand can be super convenient! Another great product is AmpuBalm , which can be especially helpful to someone who is in their first 6 months of recovery.

I am a husband, father and amputee. I spent four years enduring six surgeries to fix an unfixable ankle. Followed by two additional years in debilitating pain. I spent those two years on crutches full time, rebuilding my life and preparing for the amputation of my lower left leg. Fifteen months later I became a personal trainer and now live my life an active amputee and without limits.

Around 2 million people in the United States have had an amputation or were born with a limb difference, and , undergo amputation surgery each year, according to the Amputee Coalition. Last summer, she organized a week-long camp for adult amputees to learn circus skills. Note: Everyone quoted in this article identifies as an amputee. For example, the experiences of arm and leg amputees are different, as are those of congenital amputees compared to people who became amputees as adults. Goldberg, however, does refer to himself as disabled and has been corrected by others when he uses the word.

Everyone loves gifts and gift giving! A lot of the specialized items that are usually recommended for amputees are strictly for the healing process and not used afterwards.
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We are constantly wowed by the ingenuity of the amputees in our community. Often in the comments of our Facebook posts or articles, practical wisdom and creative solutions are shared from one amputee to another. In this post, we round up the top non-prosthetic products that make life easier or better for amputees. This advice comes straight from experienced amputees who have certainly overcome their fair share of adversity, yet continue to find ways to make life run smoothly. If you have tips and tricks, please share them in the comments so others can learn! Amber wearing Next Black has an inner and outer strength that help her cope with her amputation. If you have a problem with sweat and you are an AK here is my solution.

Amazing presents for amazing amputees

Less than a month and there it is: Christmas. In my eyes Christmas is all about quality time with loved ones. Yes, followed by a good whiskey.

10 Things Amputees and People With Limb Differences Want You to Know


The BEST Things About Being an Amputee!

21 Things These Amputees Can't Live Without. Uncategorized I put this on my leg before I put my liner on every morning. Your skin doesn't.
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