Inexpensive meals for large groups

Feed-a-crowd recipes

inexpensive meals for large groups

4 Meals that Feed 10 For $8 Big Meals CHEAP for tight Budgets

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If you're looking for ideas for your next potluck or holiday meal , definitely check out these recipes:. Surprise everyone with this Cajun-inspired take on the British favorite. Collard greens, sweet potatoes, and fiery spices add a Southern feel. Consider this the easiest-ever "casserole" recipe. Basically, you boil spaghetti, toss with toppings and then throw it all in a baking dish to cook in the oven. Start with our bacon, cheese, and peas combo.

Here are some of the best recipes people shared, along with a few more ideas of our own to help you and your family eat well for next to nothing. This meal, shared by Leslie, is pretty simple and similar to something I used to cook up during my college years with an unhealthy amount of soy sauce. All you have to do is steam some rice, dump a can of vegetables or a bag of frozen veggies in a microwave-safe bowl and heat them up, then mix the vegetables and rice together with just the right amount of soy sauce. These three ingredients may not make a flashy meal, but the concoction is fairly healthy, cheap, and easy. Next time you order take-out, save any extra soy sauce packets to make this dish even cheaper. Black beans and rice, suggested by Angela and others, is one of those easy, cheap meals almost everyone loves, and a staple dish of many cultures.

With a husband in full time college ministry, we find ourselves hosting meals at our home quite a bit. I love it. I love hosting people. I love feeding people. I especially love feeding college students because they are so grateful for pretty much ANY home cooked meal.

22 Easy Meal Ideas for Large Groups

Next week. In reality, most of us have an actual smallish budget to work with, along with a limited number of crowdsourced slow cookers and volunteer sous chefs.

26 Favorite Cheap-and-Easy Meals

I frequently feed crowds of 20 or more. I keep these meals very simple! And my best tip of all:. The side dishes I serve are made up of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing fancy or difficult! I simply wash strawberries and put them in a big bowl.

How To Make Crowd-Pleasing Potluck Recipes Tasty

20+ easy meal ideas that feed large groups. Our roundup of dinner ideas Our kitchen table is from a garage sale and our food budget is limited. I say all of this .
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