Best shot size for sporting clays

best shot size for sporting clays

Beginner Target Shooting Tip #12: Shotgun Shell Loads Explained - Kay Miculek - Babes with Bullets

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How much shot? What size? How fast? What wad? These are some of the crucial questions you need to ask when choosing clay cartridges.

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You have questions, we have answers. From what to bring to what to expect, our FAQs tell all. Give us a call and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need. The only similarity is the use of a shotgun to shoot clay targets. Sporting clays is designed to simulate field shooting and mimics the flight path of gamebirds flushing, crossing, incoming , as well as rabbits rolling across the ground.

I have been using #8 shot in our Sporting Clays League. me good breaks at sporting clays targets at all distances and surprises the 12 gauge.
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I've just picked up a slab of Eley First 28g fibre, which I've always got on with, but picked up size 8 shot by mistake. I'm relatively new to clay shooting and have always used 7s or 7. Any handicap in using 8s on sporting? I'd have thought they'd be an advantage on close in, or edge on targets due to a denser pattern, but that I'd possibly be handicapping myself at distance due to the more rapid fall off in pellet energy. The ground I shoot at has a good range of targets and I don't think any are too far.

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Moderator: shotgunworld. Posted: Mon Nov 21, pm. I have been using 8 shot in our Sporting Clays League. I actually won some shells it was a random drawing that are 7. I know there is a slight difference in the two, but my question is will the additional energy that 7. In simple language will I see more clays break when hit with fewer pellets of the 7. I can't detect any differences.


What are your thoughts on the best gauge load for sporting clays regarding shot size, weight and speed? Am I handicapping myself if I shoot.
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    Clay targets or pigeons are often used by bird hunters and competitive shooters.

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