Allen iverson vs kobe bryant

Was Allen Iverson a Better Individual Player Than Kobe Bryant?

allen iverson vs kobe bryant

Then all of a sudden you had people arguing over who was the better individual player throughout their careers, Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson? Which leads me.

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The all-time greatest NBA player debate is an ongoing one, but for the most part Michael Jordan is considered the standard by which all others are judged. Recently, however, the debate has focused almost exclusively on LeBron vs. Jordan, with many moving James ahead of Kobe on the all-time rankings. In talking about the debate, Iverson sounded in disbelief at people leaving Kobe out of the discussion, via The Unguarded :. I mean, you forgot or something? They forgot?

Everybody knows that Kobe is widely known as a the second greatest shooting guard of all-time. But everybody makes it seem as if he is always going to stay as the second greatest 2 guard of all-time. Today, I'm going to challenge that statement and prove my case on why I think A. Now, let's get into this! Kobe's Teammates.

As me and a couple of friends were watching the Lakers - Suns game in a local pub on Monday the argument of Kobe and LeBron James came up. The conversation started in the third quarter when Kobe Bryant erupted for 21 points. Bryant finished the game with 40 points and the entire 4th quarter people were arguing about who is better Kobe or LeBron and people stated many reasons for why Kobe still may be better but one statement that really got my attention was when one of my friends said "Kobe is the best individual player since Michael" and another guy responded by saying "No! Which leads me to write on this topic. If his career ends today Kobe Bryant is one of the 10 greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, he is going to go down as a legend, the man is the ultimate winner and is about to make the Kobe-Jordan argument much stronger in about a month when he gets his 5th championship. Kobe Bryant is the definition of greatness. Allen Iverson is also a legend himself and is going to go down as one of the greatest players of all-time, he is probably the best scorer the league has since Wilt and Michael, Iverson is the best little man ever and pound for pound is the best basketball player ever.

He goes into detail how he threw a fit of rage in his hotel room once he learned AI had dropped 35 points against the Knicks the very same night he himself only scored 2 points in five minutes against Houston. He then adds the time Phil Jackson assigned Kobe to guard Iverson for the second half of a game between them in Kobe held AI to 0 points in the second half, and then went on to explain how he took every matchup after that encounter as a life or death situation. On November 12, , I played five minutes and finished with two points in a Lakers win at Houston. When I checked into my hotel room later that night and saw the 35 on SportsCenter , I lost it. I flipped the table, threw the chairs, broke the TV. I obsessively read every article and book I could find about AI.

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Kobe Bryant’s Crazy Obsession With Studying How To Guard Allen Iverson

Star Comparison Kobe Bryant vs. Allen Iverson. Who scored more points in his career? Who averaged more points in playoffs? Who won more championships?

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Allen Iverson Doesn't Understand Why Kobe Bryant isn't in the G.O.A.T. Discussion

Between the Sixers' return to the NBA playoffs and a second NCAA title for Villanova, the city of Philadelphia is about as hyped up for basketball right now as it's been in almost 20 years. It was after Michael Jordan's reign with the Bulls and before the dawn of LeBron James as the league's greatest force on and off the court. Most of the time, conversations about the greatest NBA player of all time revolve around Jordan and James. It tends to be a modern discussion because 1 we have short memories and 2 legends like Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in what's considered a different era. Colin Cowherd, for example, calls Bryant "Jordan Lite" on a routine basis.

Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular.
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