2018 subaru wrx sti ra

2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Is a Weak Performance Value

2018 subaru wrx sti ra

Subaru's limited-edition WRX STI Type RA may shine on the racetrack, but it disappoints in the real world.

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Fans of hot Subarus are in for a treat as Subi has not one, but two special editions to showcase all in the same day. The turbocharged 2. The boxer engine is hooked up to an updated six-speed manual gearbox featuring a revised third gear ratio and a short throw shifter to dial up the sportiness. Elsewhere, the high-performance sedan benefits from an optimized suspension with Bilstein dampers for both axles and an STI-tuned Vehicle Dynamics Control system to boost stability. For the same reason, you can say goodbye to the spare wheel. Beyond the hardware changes, the limited-edition sedan has received some visual enhancements to set it apart from the standard car.

It works best when you throw it around by the scruff of its overly thick steering wheel: Carry too much speed into a corner because you can, then stand on the brakes and yank arbitrarily. To hell with the apex. Wait patiently as the tires doth protest, then bury the gas pedal and hold on. The party starts when the boost gets there, and it likes to show up late. There are significant changes underhood, but they come without equally significant numbers to quantify their existence. That cracking open the engine resulted in only five additional horsepower is disappointing, especially considering what tuners—and Subaru itself—have been able to extract from the august but aging EJ25 engine in past models. Third gear has been slightly tweaked with a 4.

The first thing that strikes you about the limited-edition Subaru WRX STI Type RA is the price: $49, Yep, for a full $12, more than a base.
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It is, truly, an amazing car. That drive had a dual purpose, three if you count this review: A Dodge Challenger drive at the wonderfully topographical Club Motorsports track , followed by a weekend with family in coastal St. George, ME. And my Subie tester looked resplendent in its bright blue paint with inch, gold BBS wheels—or as resplendent as any Impreza-based sedan can be. The roof saves eight pounds versus the standard steel top, and dumping the spare tire results in a total savings of 68 pounds versus a standard STI.

Flush with cash in October , just before the dot-com bubble burst, I went to an Audi dealer to buy an S4 Avant. Perhaps it was my Alice Donut T-shirt and camo shorts, but I couldn't get a salesperson to even look at me, let alone give me a test-drive. I'd read a review in our sister publication Automobile by none other than Jamie "NVH" Kitman stating not only that the new-for-themodel-year Subaru WRX was their Automobile of the Year, but also that the rough and ready, bug-eyed, rally-based bruiser had performance akin to a Porsche 4S. A boxer engine metaphor taken too far, perhaps, but the review got me thinking, and I took my tech boom dollars a few doors down to the Subaru dealer. The only question there can be is: Is the Subie worth the money?

2018 Subaru WRX STI Type RA Adds Power, Loses Weight





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