Windows 10 black screen after sleep

Fix Blank Screen After Wake Up From Sleep on Windows 10

windows 10 black screen after sleep

With the latest offering of Windows, Microsoft tried to fix up many of the older problems that have plagued Windows since the XP era, but.

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With the latest offering of Windows, Microsoft tried to fix up many of the older problems that have plagued Windows since the XP era, but Windows is a massive operating system and not even Microsoft can fix all of its problems in one iteration. One of such problems involves your computer not waking up after you put it to sleep, there are many reasons for why this could be happening and it is impossible to cover each and every one of them, but we can try our best. If your Hibernation files are corrupted, you can fix them with the help of this complete guide. Also, if Start Menu disappears in Windows 10, get it back with a few simple steps. Having trouble accessing Command Prompt as an admin? Check out this guide and solve the issue in no time.

The issue makes their machine inoperable and the only resort left is to force shut down their computer by pressing the power button and then turning it on again. Well, to your respite, the good news is that this issue is power-related and has nothing to do with the screen. In fact, problem occurs due to a new feature that was introduced in latest versions of Windows, namely Windows 8, Windows 8. Known as Hybrid Shutdown, it puts your computer in sleep mode for a certain period of time and minimizes the shutdown and booting time. But due to some bugs, your computer is not able to complete the shutdown process and results in black screen.

Well the problem is well known since Microsoft launched Windows The problem is related to Windows 10 blank screen , where Windows 10 ends up displaying blank black screen after you wake up your pc from sleep. NOTE: hard reboot may cause your Windows 10 to malfunction or get system or data files corrupted and can end up in PC reboot loop. Proceed at your own risk. Once your Windows 10 is up and running follow below troubleshooting steps to fix the screen wont turn on issue forever.

Since the Windows 10 Creator Upgrade the laptop disply will not consistantly come out of a black screen when waking up.
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Complaints describe there being a black screen when the PC is being prompted to continue functioning again by means of mouse tapping or button pressing on the keyboard. Previous versions of Windows do not seem to suffer from the same problem, which would make it exclusive for Windows version 8. In order to battle this issue, many people have resorted to actually forcefully shutting down their computer by holding down the power button and then turning it back on again. Alternatively, the charger and battery had to be removed to achieve the same result. Sleep mode occurs when the computer has been inactive over a certain period of time, or, in the case of laptops, the lid has been closed.

When my computer goes into sleep mode it is impossible to wake it up again without holding down the start key for 10 seconds, then turning back on again. This sleep coma might be a better word for it? I have changed the inactivity setting to never to stop that one from happening. In my research for a fix to this problem I have encountered a number of problems with people using the Windows 10 Technical preview, with people upgrading to Windows 8 and with people upgrading to Windows 8. This seems to be a recurring problem and one that should really be fixed before any type of release.

Fix Windows 10 Black Screen After Sleep Mode

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Black screen after sleep in Windows 10 [STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE]





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