Heaven or las vegas neon

Heaven or Las Vegas Neon

heaven or las vegas neon

Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins cover


Fun place to take a billion selfies. Well kept and organized. Get to see a lot of the old skool neon signs. The attraction is a good hour or so to kill. Mostly, a great place to take "touristy" photos. Having read the reviews it was high on our agenda.

Heaven Or Las Vegas was released in September of and was the band's sixth album. Cocteau Twins had already put out five amazing albums in the s. Blue Bell Knoll was released two years earlier and was my first introduction to the band.
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For those unfamiliar with the venue, the location operates during the day as an art studio, music venue and is home to one of my favorite local brands, The Sarap. The Union House has wood floors with paneled white walls and was dimly lit by neon lights. The Las Vegas artist has gained a solid base here in town with his dark and melodic sound. The evening began with a few words from Wes , explaining his reasoning behind the beautiful madness that is his new project: Heaven or Las Vegas. There was a round of applause and the artist explained that he had gone through a tragedy.

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Back in stock - Remastered Audio pressed onto g vinyl., Fun place to take a billion selfies. Well kept and organized.

Photos Available Here. The classic mid-century Blue Angel hovered above the Blue Angel Motel from circa until its removal for restoration by the City of Las Vegas in For many local residents, as well as artists participating in this exhibition, the Blue Angel represents a guardian angel of sorts for Las Vegas.




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