Make a run for the border

Run for the Border

make a run for the border

Top definition. make a run for the borderunknown. to masturbate while eating taco bell. 99 cent cheesey gordita crunches? im gonna make a run for the border.

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This was my first, and last time to get eats from Del Taco. I walked across the street from my motel and there was only one person inside eating. There were three cars in the drive thru. I stood at the ordering counter for over 5 minutes before anyone acknowledged my presence. Two of the workers walked past the register, glanced at me and passed on by. I was about to leave when one of them came and basically asked me what I wanted.

Although the future of NAFTA is uncertain, and trade challenges remain, Mexico continues to attract foreign companies looking for easier access to the huge U. The Mexican peso's exchange rate fell 13 percent to a record low of 20 pesos to one U. In addition to saying he wants to renegotiate trade terms, the president said before the election that he would consider a percent tax on Mexican-made goods sold in the United States. What actually happens with the new administration remains to be seen. And, while many involved in cross-border logistics say that the uncertainty has created problems, they believe NAFTA does need to be updated to reflect two decades of change.

Taco Bell represents a quick fix for what can be considered a hybrid-Mexican food. How do Jack in the Box tacos compare to Taco Bell Tacos? How did Taco Bell get so popular when it's low-quality, over-priced and not even real tacos?.
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A character, on the run from the law, has only one chance left at evasion: escape the jurisdiction entirely. A spy's cover might have been blown. Regardless of their crime or lack of , they've resolved to escape the jurisdiction because of the pursuit. When the law enforcement is actively looking for the characters, a Road Block is common to prevent their escape. When the law enforcement is unaware of the evasion, a Border Crossing scene may serve as climax.

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