Secret hack to get headphone jack on iphone 7

Video claiming drilling into iPhone 7 will reveal hidden headphone port goes viral

secret hack to get headphone jack on iphone 7

Taras explains how the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, but can be brought back with a simple hack. He then drills a hole on the phone and says the jack is.

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Ukranian prankster Taras Maksimuk, who goes by the name of TechRax, posted the video on YouTube and it has since been watched by nearly 10 million people. It shows a man clamping the phone into a vice before drilling a 3. It then shows music playing from the iPhone model — although the sound is actually coming out of the speakers. He has so far posted seven separate videos showing him destroying iPhone 7s — including microwaving the device and immersing it in liquid nitrogen. Now my old headphones fit in but the phone doesn't work anymore! Do I gotta update it or download the headphone jack app?

A video claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7 , which only has a Lightning port, by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times. The prank video shows a man drilling a 3. It points to the row of small holes on the left side that replaced the headphone socket present on the iPhone 6S and claims that drilling into the second hole on the left reveals a hidden socket. Once the hole has been drilled the video shows an iPhone 7 playing music, although the sound comes out of the speakers, not the white headphones now inserted in the DIY hole. Fuck you! The video received over , likes, but just under 88, dislikes.

As you're probably well aware, with the launch of the iPhone 7 Apple ditched the familiar headphone jack in favour of a wireless audio option. Many people have questioned the sense in this 'courageous' decision which has led some owners to take drastic steps to allow them to use their favorite set of wired headphones. Some have been spurred on by a YouTube video that reveals a 'secret hack' for returning the headphone jack to the iPhone 7. YouTuber TechRax has created a tutorial for uncovering the hidden jack that Apple left inside the new phone. Except, of course, it is complete nonsense.

Users of the iPhone 7 have been warned not to get too carried away after an online video promised a possible solution to the missing headphone jack. A YouTube video claimed to show a new 'secret hack' that was able to get the much-loved feature - by drilling a hole into the metal body of the device. The video, uploaded by YouTuber TechRax, has already been viewed 7. It shows the iPhone 7 being held steady in a metal clamp, before having a hole drilled into the bottom corner of the body. When the roughly-hewn hole is completed, the existing headphone cable is plugged in. Judging by the comments, several users appear to have actually tried out the 'hack' and drilled into their iPhone 7 devices, with predictably disastorous results.


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Youtuber TechRax claims he discovered a simple way for iPhone 7 users to get that much wanted headphone jack. All you need is a vice, a drill and a lack of.
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    Experience one of the stranger iPhone 7 torture tests in the form of a joke video tutorial on adding a jack to your phone with a power tool.

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