How do you get a hardship license in florida

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how do you get a hardship license in florida

Obtaining a Hardship License as of 2016

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Based upon its driver license system, Florida appears to be one of the most forgiving states the union. When you get your license suspended just about anywhere else, you have to wait a fixed period of time before you are eligible to drive again unless you can get it reinstated in a hearing. Even better, you can even start driving to certain restricted places before you finish the course itself with the help of a hardship license. There are lots of reasons that you might receive a suspended license, such as failure to pay child support, failure to appear for summons, or inadequate vision. But the only real eligible suspensions are for acquiring too many points on your record or certain cases of DUI suspensions. Here is the schedule of points violations suspensions and the length of the suspension:. If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for a Florida ADI course, be sure to contact your local court clerk.

Fortunately, for Florida drivers there may be a solution that allows them limited driving privileges while they are waiting for their full licenses to be reinstated: a Florida hardship license. A Florida hardship license does not restore full driving privileges; however, it does grant limited driving privileges that can allow an eligible Florida driver to still drive to and from work. This proof of enrollment usually takes the form of a printed enrollment letter. Next, visit your local clerk of the court and request that they conduct a day search of your Florida driving record. They will be able to help you get the information you need from your driving record in order to proceed with your hardship license application. You will then need to meet with a hearing officer at the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review office who will review your case and information. The review officer will make the determination of whether or not you will receive a Florida hardship license.

After a DUI arrest, if the challenge to the administrative suspension was not successful, there is still a possibility of a hardship license. In Jacksonville in particular, it is very difficult to function without a car, so losing a driver license, usually affects the whole family. A hardship license grants you limited driving privileges. There are two main types of hardship licenses you can apply for:. In order to be eligible for a hardship license in Florida after a DUI arrest you need to:. These hearings are on first come first serve basis, so go there early.

If your license is suspended or revoked in Florida, you might be eligible to obtain a hardship license.
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A Hardship License is a restricted driver's license available to drivers who's driving privileges are revoked for a serious driving violation. Common violations that may result in the state's DMV suspending driving privileges are:. If your license was suspended you may qualify for a hardship license without serving any of your suspension. People who drive to work depend on their vehicles - and having valid licenses to drive those vehicles. There are many traffic offences in Florida, Virginia and other US States, that could result in your driving privilege taken away. First conviction.

3 Things You Need to do to Get a DUI Hardship License

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Enroll for approved Florida 12 Hour ADI course online to get hardship license and get back on Florida roads, easy to do and convenient to take online.
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    Having a Florida suspended license can be overwhelming. Learn more about Florida hardship license requirements and the Florida ADI course.

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