How to get legendary heroes in castle clash easily


how to get legendary heroes in castle clash easily

The Secret Of Getting a Ton Of Gems In Castle Clash! (Legit)

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Send Message. I posted this in another thread but I think there is some essential truth in this and more people should read this Superstitions: Most likely there are no hidden laws, on perfect time windows, server reboots improving chances, favoured accounts, mechanics that improve your rolls when you donate really popular in some guilds to trick members into donating more or any other voodoo. As a company you don't win anything by such hidden mechanics. If a special server time would favour rolls and this info leaked out, you would get massive amounts of traffic server workload peaks at this certain time. This would lower the server performance or you would have to buy more servers.

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I have been rolling quite a lot of gems but got just Vlad. Been 2 months since I started. If there is a way to have something like a better luck or a pattern for rolling to get a legendary Please inform. It would help, Thanks. Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as a strategy for rolling.

What is the chance to get a Legendary by rolling ... ?

This is a restricted subreddit intended for the posting of information in regard to the game Castle Clash on the Amazon server for members of TheHaze guild. It is a place for the guild to post updates and detailed information on guild events, a place for guild members to connect, and to help others by sharing information related to the game and the guild.

[Chat (Android)] The true secret to gem hero rolling: Superstitions and more

Show less Castle Clash is a game that includes you creating a strong base, having strong heroes, gaining resources, and defeating enemies. It may seem similar to Clash of Clans , except that it is hero based and several other differences are included into the game. Improving and collecting strong heroes is basically the main part of the game, since you'll need them for all sorts of battles in the game. Read on to learn many ways in order to improve and have stronger heroes on Castle Clash. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.




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