Uber get out of my car

Enraged Uber driver totally loses it at woman passenger – but everyone hates HER

uber get out of my car

So he gets to the hospital and drives to admissions and asks her to get out. The story blew up because of how much the uber driver freaks out, yelling at her.


By Clemence Michallon For Dailymail. A woman claims her Uber driver refused to take her to the ER - and shared a video of the man lashing out at her from behind the wheel. The footage, shared on YouTube Thursday, shows him screaming at her for three minutes straight, asking her repeatedly to get out of the car. But instead, the woman keeps asking him where her destination is - prompting the driver to tell her to leave once again and sending the conversation into a hostile loop. Uber were unavailable to immediately give the driver's side of the argument. It is unclear what transpired before the filming began.

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Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. But, there's usually some hilarious footage involved. On this occasion, when a woman filmed an Uber driver screaming at her , it completely backfired. The passenger, who uploaded the clip to YouTube, claimed the driver was "hostile" and refused to take her to an emergency room. But the more you watch, the clearer it becomes that the woman is actually the one being difficult. The ride is over. You've been extremely rude, extremely condescending this whole trip.

No One Who Watched This Woman's Video Of Her Angry Uber Driver Is On Her Side

Home What's new Latest activity Authors. - WHEN this Uber passenger filmed her driver raging at her, she couldn't have guessed everyone would take his side. Video uploaded online shows the man at the wheel screaming at his passenger that she's at the hospital — her chosen destination.

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    What is the actual story behind "Get out of my car?" : OutOfTheLoop

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