Gordon hayward league of legends

League of Legends tweets video featuring Tryndamere and Gordon Hayward

gordon hayward league of legends

Gordon Hayward is a huge League of Legends aficionado. Check out his point performance against the Celtics in League of Legends style as the Jazz take.

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With the world of video games and esports at an all-time high in regards to popularity, it is not shocking to see the mainstream culture interact with the gaming industry on a regular basis when it might have been a surprise years ago. The Boston Celtics star player of Gordon Hayward suffered a devastating leg injury at the beginning of the NBA season that resulted in him missing the entire year of competition. However, with the NBA season set to return today, October 16th and Gordon Hayward being ready to make a triumphant return, the League of Legends Twitter account posted an awesome animated video likening the comeback of the Boston Celtics player to the NBA to the character of Tryndamere. It's On. Toggle navigation.

Gordon Hayward is best known for being the small forward of the Utah Jazz, but in the League of Legends community, he is known for loving the game just like all of us. Hayward has never shied away from expressing his passion for League, and it became a pretty big story in the sports world. His most played champion by a lot is Tryndamere, and then he also plays a decent amount of Wukong, Fizz and Ezreal. Just imagine how good he could be if he actually put in the hours to be better. Watch live video from gdhayward on www.

NBA star Gordon Hayward is a big League of Legends player. He has appeared at the NA LCS Finals and streamed his games. He plays in the.
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This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality. By using the site, you are consenting to this. Read more about our cookie policy. Gordon Hayward is used to being the alpha. Gordon credits a lifelong rivalry with his twin sister for stoking the competitive fire inside him during his formative years, and that fire is what led him to competitive gaming and esports. After cutting his teeth on console games like Duck Hunt and Contra, Gordon started competing in local Halo tournaments with his squad, and started getting more into PC games.

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By: Nick Schwartz October 14, pm. In a blog post on his own website, Hayward wrote about the big role that videogames play in his life, his history of playing competitive multiplayer games like Halo , StarCraft and League of Legends , and wagered that he could take any professional athlete in a video game. Via GordonHayward It may come as a shock to read me saying something like this because most of you see me as pretty humble. And I know this sounds like bragging. One on one versus LeBron James?

League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world right now. With over a million users each month, the game has become an online phenomenon. There are tournaments around the world with multi-million dollar prize-pools, and there are serious teams out there which rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. The popularity of the game was mostly shown through viewership numbers. In , it was widely reported that more people watched the final showdown in the biggest League of Legends tournament than the iconic Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. We have not seen many crossovers between this eSport and basketball, other than one character having a mode where he is dressed as a basketball player.

He may be No. By Gordon Hayward T July 31st, Like everyone else, I've become a little obsessed with Fortnite. I have to admit, I was kind of late to the party with this one. In fact, I was definitely a Fortnite hater at first.

Hayward beats the Celtics League of Legends style

He played two seasons of college basketball for Butler University , and was selected as the ninth overall pick by the Utah Jazz in the NBA draft. He played seven seasons in Utah before signing with Boston in He grew from 5'11" 1. Until his growth spurt, Hayward was more successful in tennis, in which sport he was a two-time all-state singles player. As a senior in 08, Hayward averaged In the title game, Hayward made the game-winning basket at the buzzer to defeat Marion High School 40

Gordon Hayward is one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA. Before turning pro, he played with the Butler Bulldogs. Gordon also happens to be an avid eSports fan and loves playing video games in general, even keeping up with the League of Legends World Championships as his Jazz gear up for their regular season debut against the Detroit Pistons on Oct. We caught up with Hayward and discussed when he started getting into video games, what the future of eSports holds, and which team he believes will hoist the Summoner's Cup come Halloween night in Berlin's Mercedes-Benz Arena. GH : Sure. I think it was kind of something that I grew up doing as a hobby. My generation grew up with video games and kept up with them as they got more and more advanced.






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    League of Legends tweets video featuring Tryndamere and Gordon Hayward

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