All chests in flush factory

Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chest Locations in Flush Factory

all chests in flush factory


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In this Fortnite Flush Factory chests guide , we'll be detailing everything you need to know about completing this challenge, through the complete list of the various Fortnite Flush Factory chest locations. For starters, this challenge is just one of the full slate for Week 4 of Fortnite Season 5, which is almost halfway through its total run. If you need a helping hand on completing the additional six challenges for this week of Battle Royale, so you can earn as many Battle Stars as possible, head over to our Fortnite Week 4 Challenges guide. And that concludes our Fortnite guide on how to track down every single chest within Flush Factory. Head over to our Fortnite Week 4 Treasure Challenge guide , or our Fortnite Flaming Hoops guide for more information on other challenges. Hirun Cryer is by far the most juvenile member of USgamer. He's so juvenile, that this is his first full-time job in the industry, unlike literally every other person featured on this page.

Fortnite Flush Factory Chest locations , cheat sheet for weekly challenges or simply chest hunting. Detailed and easy to read map for Fortnite Flush Factory Chest locations. Each chest can be located on ground or second floor of Flush Factory. There are multiple locations where chests can spawn, some inside the build and some are located outside the main build. Flush Factory Chest location cheat sheet is a great asset for finding locations. Without having to remember where to go or for new Fortnite players. There are currently ten Flush Factory Chest locations that have the possibility of spawning.

The chest locations in Flush Factory are strewn across the area. Four of them are found within the factory, while six more are in the yard outside, or inside a smaller factory building in the southeastern part. The first one in this guide will be at the start of the green production line , second floor, in the eastern part of the building.
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As with others weeks in Season 5, the Week 3 challenges are split into two categories, with some being available to everyone while others are only accessible for those with this season's Battle Pass. On the free side, this week's challenges involve dealing damage to opponents in a single match, using a launch pad, and following the treasure map found in Flush Factory. While the first two shouldn't give you much trouble, the third of the bunch will require a little bit of legwork. Flush Factory can be found in the southern part of the island and it's there that you'll find the treasure map. However, you aren't actually required to get the map first. Instead you can skip this bit and go to quadrant F8 of the map, where you'll find a house on a hilltop. If you're looking at the house head-on, the Star you need to collect will be on the right of the path leading up to the house.

Chests in Flush Factory for Season 5, Week 4 Challenge

This guide will show you all of the known locations. As Flush Factory is one of the lower traffic areas of the map, trying to find all seven of the required chests could prove to be a difficult task.

Fortnite Flush Factory Chest locations

One of the challenges that players need to complete for Season 5, Week 4 in Fortnite it to search seven chests in Flush Factory. This is a challenge that we see a lot in Fortnite, with only the location changing. It is an easy way to get players to visit different POIs and to explore different places of the map where they may not normally venture to. You can see all the possible chest spawns in the image below, thanks to The Squating Dog :. The floor that the chests are found on have been indicated by the numbering, with 1 being on the ground floor and 2 being on the second. In order to complete this challenges, players must search seven chests in total, but they do not have to be found in the same match. Remember, you must complete the match in order for challenges to register.

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Check out where to find Flush Factory chests, ice cream truck locations, and where to find that gold logo between the vehicle tower, rock scuplture, and circle of hedges! -


Fortnite: Follow Flush Factory Treasure Map Location Guide (Season 5, Week 3 Challenge)







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